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California Prop 65 Compliant Canvas

Product Announcements

Breathing Color offers inkjet canvas which is Prop 65 certified.

After receiving a couple of emails from our customers on the subject of prop 65 compliant canvas, we want to make sure that everyone has the information they need.

Breathing Color canvas and art paper products are fully compliant with California’s Proposition 65 requirements and do not require warning labels.

If you ship prints into California, this is very important for you as a business owner.

What is Prop 65?

California’s Proposition 65 essentially says that any products which contain chemical(s) on their long list of “chemicals that are known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm” must adhere to certain strict labeling requirements.

These labelling requirements are intended to help Californians be able to make informed decisions about their exposure to these chemicals.

Labeling requirements and compliance enforcement are becoming even stricter as of August 30th, 2018.

Prop 65 Compliant Canvas

The following BC canvases are Prop 65 compliant and do not need warning labels:

  • Lyve Archival Matte aqueous canvas
  • Chromata White Archival Matte aqueous canvas
  • 800M Matte aqueous canvas
  • Crystalline Gloss and Satin aqueous canvases
  • 17M Gloss and Satin aqueous canvases
  • Silverada Metallic aqueous canvas

For Solvent/Latex Inks

  • Urth Archival Satin and Gloss Canvas for solvent/latex inks
  • Muse 400 Satin and Gloss canvas for solvent/latex inks
  • Muse 200 Satin and Gloss Canvas for solvent/latex inks
  • Silverada Metallic solvent canvas

We make even more Prop 65 compliant solvent/latex inkjet canvas not listed on our website. Give us a call to learn more!

Prop 65 Compliant Fine Art Paper

The following BC fine art papers are Prop 65 complaint and do not need warning labels:

For solvent/latex inks:

Prop 65 Friendly Print Media

If you have been scrambling to prepare for the changes coming to Prop 65 regulations on August 30th, we hope this gives you one less thing to worry about.

You can rest assured that your canvas and art paper prints from Breathing Color do not need any warning labels.


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