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About Breathing Color

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Breathing Color® is a designer and supplier of award-winning digital inkjet canvas, papers, and canvas coatings. We are focused on the art and photographic markets with products that lead the industry in print performance and longevity. Breathing Color® customers benefit from the highest quality at competitive prices by buying direct.

Breathing Color® was founded in January 2003 by a group of industry pioneers and art enthusiasts who have spent over fifteen years experimenting with wide ranges of color, substrates, coatings and equipment.

Using a highly scientific approach, we continually push the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of finer print quality.  Our work never stops.

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To create a better life experience through the enjoyment and appreciation of art and photography.

We understand that in the process of creating art, we are only one component of many.  However, we are a vitally important component.  We will not wait around for others to step forward in a leadership role to expand the possibilities in the world of art and photography.  Instead, we will fulfill the leadership role and we will step forward.  We will fulfill our purpose through continual experimentation, innovation, investment, and philanthropy.