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Mint Textured

100% Alpha-cellulose100% Alpha-cellulose
Near MatteNear Matte
100+ Years Archival100+ Years Archival
Made in the USAMade in the USA

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Mint Textured fine art paper with a near-matte finish. Acid and lignin free, Mint textured is Archival rated according to ISO standards for 100+ years light-fastness.

Compatible with all Eco-Sol and eco-solvent paper inks

Stable and structured base with a robust texture

Acid-free textured fine art paper is rated for 100+ years light-fastness according to ISO standards

Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas


Base Composition

100% alpha-cellulose


Medium Robust


Near Matte

OBA Content



310 GSM


17 mils



CIE L* a* b* (F7/2)

L* 97.0 / a* 0.30 / b* 0.50

Gloss Level

6 GU

Core Diameter


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Learn more about how to best use this textured art paper in your project with helpful resources specific for Mint Textured.

This product has been compatibility tested and approved for the following printers. If you do not see your printer listed below, it does not mean it is not compatible, but because we cannot list every one of the thousands of compatible printer models. Our aqueous media is compatible with most pigment and dye-based ink systems. If you would like to confirm any unlisted printer is compatible before purchase, please contact

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Mint Textured is a versatile material. The fine art paper texture of Mint Textured can handle production and intricate jobs with ease. This acid-free textured fine art paper is perfect for fine art prints, large-scale installations, photography, and more. Choose this textured fine art paper roll when you want to add natural depth to your work.

Aside from the physical touch of the paper type, the material used for art prints has a direct effect on the final aesthetic of the artwork. The smooth surfaces of smooth paper often allow the central image and its colors to pop through deeper saturation. Textured paper, on the other hand, shows its grain through the image, giving the artwork a more organic and natural feeling.

Either can be used for different kinds of artwork, so we recommend choosing the best paper for your intended impact.

Our Mint Textured fine art paper roll comes in various sizes. Choose rolls from 30 inches all the way up to 60 inches. We also offer a trial size roll at 60”x20’ so you can experience this one-of-a-kind fine art paper texture for yourself.

If you have a question about Mint Textured that isn’t addressed in our resources above, feel free to reach out to our customer team.

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