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Printer compatibility

Breathing Color sells inkjet media for printers under two categories, Aqueous and Solvent/UV/Latex. Most consumer inkjet printers use an aqueous ink set and will work with our material labeled for Aqueous. If your printer does not include a heating element, and does not use toner (ie laser printers), then it is almost certainly an aqueous inkjet printer.

Some aqueous inkjet printers were not designed to handle thick media such as canvas and fine art papers. You can check on your model's abilities by checking the settings in your print driver - under Media Type or Paper Type, look for any options for canvas or thick art papers. You can also check your printer's specifications on the manufacturer's website. If you do not see these options, you likely have a printer designed only for thin photo papers. These printers would still be able to print on the photo papers available in our Vibrance Photo Paper line (with the exception of Vibrance Baryta). Some printmakers have found success printing thick media on these photo printers, but it may take multiple attempts to load the media, and doing so would be at your own risk.

Some examples of non-aqueous ink sets would be solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex ink. Media for these printers are noted by our badge for Solvent/Latex, and are sometimes abbreviated as "SUL". While these printers are able to print on Aqueous material as well, our SUL products are specifically designed for SUL printers and will achieve better results.

Always contact with any questions about compatibility, and our support team will be happy to assist you.




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