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Our Science

"The Most Advanced Inkjet Papers in the World"

"Measurably Superior"

"Technical Superiority"

Browsing our website you may come across phrases like these. Sounds impressive, but what do they really mean? For years Breathing Color has published the testing data of our products to answer just that.

In the development and testing of new products we use the print quality evaluation standards set forth by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The ISO is responsible for developing and maintaining international technical standards across a range of industries. ISO 13660 is the global standard for print quality evaluation.

By following this ISO standard we arrive at objective print quality, a term that indicates the appropriate instruments and measures were used to assess the characteristics and attributes that impact the perception of print quality. So when we say "Measurably Superior" we mean "Objectively Superior". By using competitive benchmarks during the development process we are able to deliver print media with superior Visual Optical Density, Tone Reproduction (Graininess), Tonal Range, Mottling, Brightness, Line Quality (Blurriness), and Line Optical Density... all attributes set forth by ISO 13660.
Thus when a side by side print quality evaluation, according to ISO 13660 standards of Emblem Textured Natural is compared with similar papers, Emblem demonstrates objectively superior performance. So we say with confidence- Breathing Color manufactures the most advanced inkjet papers in the world.

In Development

Breathing Color® is committed to developing and delivering a proprietary product line to our customers with inherent technical competitive advantages.

To develop a technically superior product, we first perform an objective print quality evaluation on a broad selection of popular branded media, currently available on the market. Using sophisticated instruments, we collect a wide range of numerical measurements that assess very specific attributes as set forth by the ISO 13660 standard.

After analysis we set attribute-focused goals for our products that are in development.  Our collective goal with every product is to achieve a minimum of a 20% technical superiority advantage within each measurable attribute.

Once a numerical advantage is confirmed, the new product will undergo extensive print permanence testing inside our state-of-the-art Atlas Weather-O-Meter Ci5000.

After we ensure the print permanence of a new product we submit it to an accredited third party for archivability testing.  Finally the product is sent to a select group of artists, photographers, influencers, and printmakers for beta testing. 

Our comprehensive commitment to Technical Superiority is for more than piece of mind.  We are artists, printmakers, photographers, and enthusiasts and we believe beauty is beyond the numbers.  



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