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Understanding Product Specs

We understand sometimes technical jargon can be confusing. Please take a look at this guide for a layman's approach at the characteristics of our product line. If you have questions you don't see answered here our sales and customer support team are here to help.


Base Composition: What is the base material (before inkjet coating) made of? Examples could include 100% cotton fine-art paper or a 65/35 poly-cotton blend canvas.


Texture: What is the texture of the base material? How deep are the grooves?


Finish: Is the media matte, satin, or glossy?


OBA Content: Does the material contain Optical Brightener Additives? These are chemicals which cause the media to look brighter white in the presence of UV light. For more information check out our article


GSM Weight: How heavy/substantial is the media? Measured in grams per square meter (GSM), this is technically a measurement of area density.


Caliper: What is the thickness of media? Measured in mils (a mil is 1/1000th of an inch; nothing to do with milimeters).


Opacity: How opaque (see-through) is the media?


CIE L*a*b* (F7/2): What is the white point of the media? This is measured in CIELab. The L value is the Luminance on a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white). The 'a' and 'b' values measure Chrominance (how colorful) with 0 being neutral. For more information check out


Gloss Level: How shiny is the media? A more specific measurement than "Finish" because not all "Glossy" or "Matte" are the same. Measured in Gloss Units.


Core Diameter: Indicates the inside diameter of the roll's cardboard core. Often a printer's spindle will be designed to accept a specific core size and will have removable adapters allowing it to accept both 2" and 3" core sizes. Breathing Color uses special Padded Core technology for aqueous canvas rolls to maximize yield, allowing you to print to the very end of the roll whereas non-padded cores would cause waste.

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