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Emblem Textured Natural Art Paper BreathingColor

Emblem Textured Natural

...a banner, a statement, a reminder to stand your ground because where you are is who you are. 

Radiance Transfer Paper Wall Coverings BreathingColor

Radiance Transfer Paper

Quartz Film Laminate Film Laminate BreathingColor

Quartz Film Laminate

DreamScape Samples Breathing Color

Dreamscape Samples

DreamScape Terralon Series Breathing Color

Dreamscape Terralon Series

DreamScape High Performance Series Breathing Color

Dreamscape High Performance Series

DreamScape Wall + Floor Wraps Wall Coverings Breathing Color

Dreamscape Wall + Floor Wraps

Silhouette of a group of people standing out in nature printed on BreathingColor's Vibrance Gloss Photo Paper

Vibrance Gloss

Breathing Color's Vibrance photo paper’s finishing begins with Vibrance Gloss, a cockle-free RC photo paper with a mirror-like sheen. Feel the luxurious 260gsm weight and high gloss finish on an instant-dry surface.

Image of a woman's side profile of her face printed on BreathingColor's Vibrance Luster Photo Paper

Vibrance Luster

Luster paper and satin photo paper have long been the primary choice for photo printing. This is largely thanks due to their high durability and incredible print quality. Unlike the smoother surface of other resin coated photo paper, luster printer paper has a subtle texture. Our premium photo paper helps hide oily fingerprints and scuff marks. This enables a paper like Breathing Color’s Vibrance Luster photo paper to truly last. It can endure the rigors of a busy print shop without the need for lots of expensive reprints.

Discover our premium Luster photo paper to elevate your art.

What Makes Luster Photo Paper Different? Luster paper has two major advantages: It enables the paper to withstand minor wear-and-tear blemishes and scuffs. It provides the viewer with a lower direct reflection of light. As a result, there is less glare and shine, and the image is easier to see from all directions. It is perfect for anyone looking for...
Vibrance Matte Photo Paper

Vibrance Matte

This bright white and supple smooth matte finish are sure to show off all the details of your prints without a hint of glare. From any angle, Vibrance Matte’s cellulose blend displays your prints with precision and simplicity. Great for most mounting techniques, exhibit your prints on Vibrance Matte today!

Our Vibrance Matte is available in a 4x6 matte photo paper size, a 5x7 matte photo paper size, as well as rolls up to 60” wide and 100’ long. Select the size that best suits your work.

Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor

Crystalline Canvas

As one of the only no-varnish canvases on the market, Crystalline Satin boasts a special coating that offers the best print quality, highest durability, and 55-year archivalness with no varnish required. OBA free means your colors and details will always look sharp with no color fading. Crystalline Gloss leads the industry in color density, dmax, and archival quality. Straight to canvas helps you skip the varnish! Print and stretch all in the same day!

Chromata White Canvas

Chromata White

The industry's first ever OBA-free matte inkjet canvas was born in 2005. Chromata White was introduced as a truly groundbreaking bright white canvas with no optical brighteners. Discover a matte white canvas that answers many modern artists’ demands. This is truly a museum-grade canvas with the highest dmax and color gamut.
Decor Matte Canvas BreathingColor

Decor Matte

This water-resistant poly-cotton canvas is perfectly suited for the decor market. Hotel rooms, lobbies, doctor's offices, you name it you can print it with Decor Matte.

17M no varnish canvas with scuff protection

17m Satin/gloss

First there was Crystalline, and now there's 17M. Thinner, lighter, and faster to frame; 17M features the same no-varnish coating, scuff protection you have come to expect from Breathing Color's no-varnish line. Combined with 17M's quick dry technology and you have a print-and-stretch solution in just minutes!

Signa Smooth 300 BreathingColor

Signa Smooth 300

Coated and smooth on both sides, Signa Smooth 300 is a true lay-flat paper that's equally suited for framing, binding, or mounting. Print on either side for complete flexibility.

Optica One 300GSM Art Paper

Optica One 300gsm Paper

With no words, Optica One can tell many stories. Minimal optical brighteners make this thick 300gsm paper worth its weight in amazing prints. 100+ years archival means your prints will last a lifetime.

We offer Optica One in 10 sizes. Try a trial 17”x10' 300gsm paper roll so you can experience the quality and bright white color for yourself.

Urth Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor

Urth Satin/gloss

Breathing Color has done it again. Urth is the industry's first archival-certified solvent canvas, erasing conventional solvent printing concerns. Print with confidence on a canvas that will allow your memories to last for centuries. Made in the USA and OBA-Free, Urth Satin / Gloss is a leading solvent canvas roll that outshines the rest.
Jade Satin Photo Paper

Jade Satin

A resin coated surface that creates a high-resolution image that effortlessly delivers consistency and quality.
Muse Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor

Muse Satin/gloss

A solvent canvas that won't crack, scuff, or smear, Muse Satin is a guaranteed win for your large format printer. This resilient 400 GSM canvas will print with high durability without sacrificing attention to detail. Print on 21mil satin canvas and stretch it in the same day.