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Vibrance Matte

As capable as it is versatile, our most economical substrate hits on all points.

Vibrance Gloss

The greatest color gamut, dmax, and image resolution available in a glossy photo paper.

Vibrance Luster

A silky finish playfully teasing the light.

Golden Age

Inspired by la belle epoch, our single run paper for 2020 is neither smooth nor textured.


Description PrintBoard is the newest substrate in the fast-growing rigid product line, designed for aqueous direct-to-surface printing, developed by Breathing Color. Pick whichever finish suits your image best. Print it, then put it in your frame or in your clear bag and you're done! Are you mounting your print to foam core or gator board, or have you wanted to?...



Stretcher Bar Moulding


Art Peel

 Take any space from anemic to innovative in record time.

Signa Smooth 300

Everything that brought acclaim to Signa Smooth now double coated for printing on either face.

Quartz Film Laminate


DreamScape Wall + Floor Wraps


DreamScape High Performance Series


DreamScape Terralon Series


DreamScape Samples


Radiance Transfer Paper


Emblem Textured Natural

...a banner, a statement, a reminder to stand your ground because where you are is who you are. 


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