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Golden Age

Inspired by la belle epoch, our single run paper for 2020 is neither smooth nor textured.

Chromata White

When we released the world's first OBA-free inkjet canvas, we didn't raise the standard - we reinvented it. The rest is history.

Vibrance Matte

As capable as it is versatile, our most economical substrate hits on all points.

Vibrance Gloss

The greatest color gamut, dmax, and image resolution available in a glossy photo paper.


Description PrintBoard is the newest substrate in the fast-growing rigid product line, designed for aqueous direct-to-surface printing, developed by Breathing Color. Pick whichever finish suits your image best. Print it, then put it in your frame or in your clear bag and you're done! Are you mounting your print to foam core or gator board, or have you wanted to?...


Reliable, durable, consistent, sure of itself but never intrusive. We set the bar for a workhorse canvas.

Crystalline Satin/Gloss

The crown jewel of our NO-LAM canvas line. To realize the ultimate Dmax and color gamut a canvas can offer simply print and stretch.  No coating, no cracking, no crying.

17M Satin/Gloss

Incredible scuff protection, moisture resistance, and UV defense now in record time.

Signa Smooth

Bridge the gap between structured and workable, affordable and extravagant. Get a little bit of this, sacrifice none of that.

Pura Smooth

Highly archival and designed in the pursuit of purity. Nothing to distract, nothing to protest.

Motif Satin/Gloss


Muse Satin/Gloss




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