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Our Story


A chemist, a printmaker, and an art enthusiast gathered for an unforgettable conversation about a stained painting at a dinner party in a small suburb of LA. This humble gathering began a brand and a pursuit two decades in the making to elevate fine art reproduction to an art form onto itself.



At the core of every art reproduction, even more essential than the base, is an inkjet receptive coating. This microporous layer, delicately applied, is the net that catches and preserves your faithful reproduction. Breathing Color was born out of a single belief: if you make the highest quality inkjet coatings then you make the highest quality fine art media. After 20 years we feel comfortable saying- hypothesis confirmed.



From the beginning we had our eye on the big hurdles. And the biggest issue giclee printing faced: print permanence. Years of Research and development and then... the breakthrough. Our chemists finally formulated an inkjet receptive coating that is bright white yet uses no Optical Brightening Agents- the phosphorescent molecules that give fine art media their high white point but inevitably burn out and destroy even the best made prints. We named it Chromata White. When the first truly archival canvas hit market it transformed Breathing Color from a complete unknown to an overnight sensation. The rest is history.



After many years in California, we made a hard a decision in 2013. We packed our bags and moved halfway across the country on the hope of centralized distribution in a city with boiling creativity and a burgeoning tech industry. The transition to our new manufacturing complex, located in the heart of Tech Ridge in Austin, has left us happy to say, “we made the right decision, y’all.”



The New Breathing Color stands for passion, imagination, and excellence.  After operating for many years under a manufacturer direct model we came to a new conclusion... operating a global sales network is a lot of work.  We needed to focus on what we do best- creating the finest print media in the world.  You can still buy directly from us, but our network of distributors now allows us to circulate and deliver Breathing Color media in every populated continent in record time.  


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