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Our Commitment

Here Today, Here Tomorrow

It wouldn't make much sense for us to design media that lasts 100+ years and then do nothing to ensure we're all able to enjoy it in that time.  Breathing Color is dedicated to creating a future where beautiful fine art reproduction doesn't come at the cost of the beautiful world we already have.  We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our waste and decrease the environmental impact of the products we offer.  All our varnishes are non-toxic and environmentally safe.  In 2019 we added four new sustainably sourced, responsibly managed, and socially beneficial products to our catalog.  We aim to do the same for 2020.  We have begun Beta-testing a roll recycling program that could reduce the total waste from a roll of canvas by 50%.  These are small steps toward changing the culture around an industry dependent on agroforestry, but we believe small steps can have a big impact.


Y'all Means All

More than a statement of solidarity, we truly believe the best way to ensure creativity in the work place is with diverse voices and opinions.  Fair Employment Practices and non-discrimination is the least we can do.  Which is why Breathing Color prides itself on a having a diverse, inclusive workspace where ideas can thrive and our differences precipitate the open exchange of perspectives.

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