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Heritage Collection

A handpicked selection of our finest canvas, fine art, and photo paper.  Old world materials, cutting edge inkjet coatings - The Breathing Color Heritage Collection combines the best of then and now.

Premium Matte Canvas for High Quality Fine Art

The centerpiece of our catalog.  From our flagship Lyve to the unparalleled Production Matte, these are the staples upon which we built our reputation.  For the humble, the heroic, and everything in between.  Explore with the expectation of discovery.

NO-Varnish Canvas

For print jobs that need a quick turnaround, and for print rooms that don’t have the space to apply a coat of varnish, Breathing Color’s line of no varnish canvas is the go-to option.

The increased durability and water resistance of a glossy canvas vs matte canvas allows you to print, stretch, and ship with only a short 1-hour dry time.

For an extra pop, our Silverada glossy canvas has a unique metallic flake in the inkjet receptive coating that takes high- contrast images to the next level.

Breathing Colors line of gloss canvas and satin canvas is the ultimate solution for printmakers who lack time and space yet still want to provide the very best prints for their customers.

Fine Art Paper

Matte fine art paper has been the standard for fine art printing since the first inkjet printers appeared on the market. Fine art papers are some of the most archival print media available and when cared for correctly the best matte photo paper can last generations. 

A cotton based high quality matte photo paper implies a sense of luxury and elegance that helps to justify the higher price point over standard photo papers. 

Papers with a smooth surface like Breathing Colors Optica One, Pura Smooth, and our Signa 270 bring the finest details of your image to life and display beautifully behind glass. 

For a more traditional watercolor look, a textured paper like Elegance Velvet, Pura Velvet, and our budget conscious 600MT will satisfy those discerning customers who are looking for a full sensory experience when handling and visually examining a premium photo paper matte print. Textured fine art papers are also great for displaying without glass by using our Timeless Varnish to protect the print. 

Regardless of which matte photo quality paper you choose you can be confident Breathing Colors inkjet receptive coatings will provide you with world class black densities and color gamut ensuring your images are as close to the original as possible.

Each product we’ve mentioned has more detailed information and product specs on their individual product pages. 

If you’d like to take an in person look at these papers you can do so by purchasing a fine art paper sample pack or a Breathing Color printed sample book

If you need further assistance in deciding what’s best for you send an email to or schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable reps and we’ll be happy to help. 

Photographic Paper

Photographic paper has been the go to for wet lab based prints for decades. However, since the introduction of inkjet printers in the 1990’s inkjet photographic paper has slowly taken over the industry due to ease of use, improved archivability, and higher image quality.

At Breathing Color we have taken the time to curate a line of inkjet photo printer paper to make it easy for you to find and print on the best paper for your situation. 

That lineup includes Vibrance Gloss photography paper whose perfectly smooth surface and wide color gamut brings out the finest details of your best images. 

To add a bit of pop to your prints the Vibrance Metallic photograph paper has a smooth gloss surface, coppery blue tone, and metallic flake in the inkjet receptive coating. That flake and blueish/copper hue will give your prints a polychromatic look that is sure to wow your customers. 

Next in our lineup is Vibrance Luster which is the workhorse of our photo paper line. The slightly textured surface makes it more durable than a gloss photo paper by reducing visible thumbprints and creases helping it survive the rigors of a busy print environment. 

Vibrance Matte is the perfect matte photo paper for inexpensive poster style prints, proofing, or for minimizing glare in well lit environments. 

When it comes to print longevity the cotton base of Riverstone Baryta sets it apart from a standard resin coated photographic printer paper. The cotton base and textured surface bridges the gap between photo and fine art papers allowing you to achieve generational longevity with the incredible texture and print quality of a luster photo paper. 

When properly displayed and cared for any photographic background paper can last many years, but since display environments vary make sure you choose appropriately for your situation. 

Paired with the correct ICC profiles the color range or gamut of Breathing Colors inkjet photo paper for printer will help you achieve the best image quality for your prints.

The products we’ve covered have more detailed information on their individual product pages. 

If you’d like to take an in person look at these papers you can do so by purchasing a photo paper sample pack or a Breathing Color sample book.

If you need further assistance in deciding what’s best for you, send an email to or schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable reps and we’ll be happy to help. 

Latex & Solvent Media

You picked a solvent printer because you prize speed, efficiency, and durability. Shouldn’t your print media give you the same? Breathing Color for Solvent, Latex, and UV - add a little bravado to your bottom line.

Solvent Glossy Paper

Discover levels of lustre you didn’t think possible with our Satin and Gloss solvent media. There are multiple options to choose from:

  • Urth – the industry’s first archival-certified solvent canvas
  • Muse – a high-durability canvas ready for large format printing
  • Motif – a saturation-ready canvas to maximize your ink usage

We offer our solvent glossy paper in a variety of roll sizes. Select the best material, finish, and size that suits your print project.

Metallic Solvent Media

Achieve a pearlescent effect with your high contrast work. Our Muse Metallic is sure to catch the eye with dramatic effect and unequivocal finishing. Enjoy this unique solvent media in sizes from 20 feet up to 75 feet.

Satin Solvent Photo Paper

Discover Gesture, which offers the greatest color gamut in its class. It is made in the USA, like all of Breathing Color’s renowned latex and solvent media. Truly, this is solvent printer media that offers peerless versatility.

The Very Best Solvent Print Media

Breathing Color is celebrated for its fine attention to detail. And this extends across all our solvent and latex media. Our solvent photo paper canvas is archival-ready and intended to be a reliable material for professional artists and hobbyists alike.

We understand no two canvas print jobs are the same. This is why we offer unparalleled solvent print media in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Order samples of our solvent and latex media today and see what "measurably superior" really means.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solvent Paper Used For?

Artists who desire a high quality finish to their prints regularly rely on solvent paper. The material offers an extremely high level of finish, allowing for greater color density, vibrancy, and more.

Solvent printer media is also designed to work with solvent based printers. This way, there are no additional tasks or tools required. Simply prepare your file for print, select the solvent print media that best suits your work, and begin latex printing. It couldn’t be easier.

What is a solvent in printing?

A solvent is a print material that doesn’t contain water. Most traditional ink is at least partially water based. In the case of latex media, the latex ink solvent is printed onto the canvas material without penetrating it. This allows for staggering image quality and vivid colors.

What are solvent based inks?

Solvent inks contain oil or alcohol, which helps transport the pigment. Compare this to aqueous inks, which are water based. To learn more about various inks, check out our guide to archival quality printmaking.

Wall Coverings

Print your own wallpaper and adhesive backed signage, create a modern mural or design stickers with exceptional resolution. An imaginative collection of offerings from Breathing Color and Dreamscape. Word of caution: flies off the shelves and sticks to everything.

Discover a world of stick-on possibilities with our wall coverings collection:

Textile and Vinyl Wall Coverings

Zhuzh up an accent wall. Create a patterned wall mural in your living room. Change up your wall coverings for bedrooms. The possibilities are endless with our easy to install peel and stick wall coverings.

These vinyl panels come in offer a clean blank slate for printing. They are made to ape the decor of a traditional vinyl wallpaper panel. You are sure to love our expertly designed wallpaper panels for years to come.

But thanks to their peel and stick wallpaper application, they’re just as easily swapped out. When you tire of your look, simply peel off your removable wallpaper decal and stick on a new one!

Decorate With Your Style

Our vinyl wall coverings for bedrooms, dining rooms, and more come in both matte and glossy finishes. Whether you prefer to catch the light or imbue a more organic look on your walls, they’re perfect. Simply select the size and finish that’s right for your space.

Browse our full collection of peel and stick wall coverings and wallpaper options to find the perfect one that best suits your home.

Banner & Signage Material

As a painter, photographer, or print shop how you promote yourself is almost as important as your creative work. Making sure the banner signage for your gallery, store, or booth is printed on high quality banner and signage material is integral to promoting your business and selling more prints. 

Breathing Color banners and signage are available in several different variations and all have best in class image quality with our proprietary inkjet coatings. 

First off is Solstice PP which is our most economical banner material. This product is great for short term banners and signs, and can be made into a more durable product using a cold laminate.

Meridian HD is our most popular signage banner due to its moderate price, durability, and beautiful print quality. If your sign materials will be displayed outdoors, or indoors for an extended period of time Meridian HD is for you.

Insignia Scrim Vinyl is Breathing Colors most durable and opaque material used for banners. With a tear resistant polyester fabric sandwiched between two layers of durable PVC this material is best suited for outdoor banners and signs for business where thinner vinyl banners might rip or tear.  

Silhouette Backlit Film is the perfect signage material for windows or light boxes. Its semi translucent surface allows lighting to pass through the material and illuminate the printed image day or night. Your imagination is the only limit with what you can create using this material. 

Each of these products have more detailed information and specs on their individual product pages. If you’d like to take a look at these products in person you can purchase a Breathing Color sample book.

If you need further assistance in deciding what’s best for you send an email to or schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable reps and we’ll be happy to help. 

Fine Art Varnish & Laminates

Give your inkjet prints lasting vibrancy and defense with our premium varnishes and laminates. Our high-quality finishes guarantee unbeatable clarity and durability, protecting your artwork from scratches, fading, and other damage.

Discover the perfect solution to match your artistic vision and safeguard your valuable artwork.

Fine Art Laminate & Varnishes

We offer a variety of liquid varnishes and laminates for print. Choose from our gloss, satin, or matte finishes for a flawless finish.

Gloss varnish: Create a shiny, reflective finish that is perfect for highlighting the colors and details of your artwork.

Satin varnish: Provides a gentle sheen that is less reflective than gloss varnish.

Matte varnish: A non-reflective finish that is ideal for artwork that you want to appear more subdued.

Varnish and Liquid Laminate for Inkjet Prints

There are two main ways to enhance the longevity and appearance of your inkjet prints: varnish and liquid laminates (Glamour 2 and Timeless). The best choice depends on your desired level of protection and finish.

Varnish for Inkjet Prints: Our varnishes are specifically formulated to work with inkjet inks, ensuring compatibility and optimal results. They provide excellent protection against fading, UV rays, and moisture, keeping your prints looking their best.

Liquid Laminate for Print: Our liquid laminates also provide a strong barrier against UV light, weathering, and even graffiti. Not only does this extend the lifespan of your prints, but it’s also ideal for high-traffic areas or prints that will be handled frequently.

Find Your Perfect Print Protector at Breathing Color

We offer a variety of varnishes and liquid laminates to meet the needs of both professional and hobbyist artists. Breathe new life into your inkjet prints and keep them looking their best for years to come!

Canvas Stretcher Bars & Frames

When choosing how to hang your canvas prints there are several options available. Using canvas frames with or without glass is the traditional and more expensive method, whereas the gallery wrap method is a more modern and less expensive option. If you choose the gallery wrap method for your stretched canvas you’ll have several options for stretcher bars. 

First in the Breathing Color stretcher bar lineup is Easy Wrappe Pro and Easy Wrappe Standard. These are the easiest to use stretcher bars for canvas. They are made from high quality bass wood and have an adhesive strip that allows you to easily stretch your canvas without stretcher pliers. These high quality canvas stretcher frames are great for beginners but are more expensive than other options like pre notched or full length stretcher bars.

Second are pre notched canvas stretcher bars. These are typically the best option for most people. The pre-notched corners allow you to fit the stretcher bar frame together without having to use a v-nailer or a miter saw to cut them to size. You will still need to use the traditional canvas stretching method which requires canvas stretcher pliers and a staple gun to use these pre notched canvas stretching bars effectively. This type of stretcher bar is the best balance between cost and ease of use. 

Lastly we have Stretcher Bar Moulding which are the low cost, high volume option for a canvas stretcher bar. If you are stretching a lot of canvas and are able to cut, and join wood then this type of stretcher frame is for you. These typically 9.5 foot long sticks are cut into the required sizes on site using a miter saw and assembled using a v-nailer. This method requires more equipment than our other options but if you have the ability it is the least expensive way to create a quality stretcher frame. These full length canvas stretch bars are shipped on a wooden pallet via freight truck so ordering in high enough quantities to make the shipping cost worthwhile is necessary. 

These products have more detailed information and specs on their individual product pages and if you need further assistance in deciding what’s best for you send an email to or schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable reps and we’ll be happy to help. 

Tools & Consumables

The best results require the best tools. If you’re looking for tricks of the trade, look no further.

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