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Matte Fine Art Paper

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Matte Fine Art Paper

A uniquely printerly media- we developed our line of fine art papers expressly to blur the distinction between original and reproduction.  Tactile and tasteful.  Redefine what you say with how you say it.

Golden Age

Inspired by la belle epoch, our single run paper for 2020 is neither smooth nor textured.

Emblem Textured Natural

...a banner, a statement, a reminder to stand your ground because where you are is who you are. 


Pura Smooth

Highly archival and designed in the pursuit of purity. Nothing to distract, nothing to protest.

Pura Velvet

The raconteurs delight. Rakish, yet sincere. A glowing fragment secreted away, buried within hidden depths.

Optica One

Set sail and navigate the fullest breadth of the color spectrum with a fine art paper that is bold and striking, crisp, clean, and effervescent.

Elegance Velvet

Sophisticated and demure, sensual and riveting.

Signa Smooth

Bridge the gap between structured and workable, affordable and extravagant. Get a little bit of this, sacrifice none of that.

Signa Smooth 300

Everything that brought acclaim to Signa Smooth now double coated for printing on either face.


Unparalleled dimensionality and generous saturations - all the luxury of Breathing Color’s archival papers at a décor price.

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