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Premium Matte Canvas

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Premium Matte Canvas

The centerpiece of our catalog.  From our flagship Lyve to the unparalleled Production Matte, these are the staples upon which we built our reputation.  For the humble, the heroic, and everything in between.  Explore with the expectation of discovery.


An industry polestar and the cornerstone upon which we build our exacting standards. Measurably superior, graceful and compelling. The canvas of limitless possibilities.

Chromata White

When we released the world's first OBA-free inkjet canvas, we didn't raise the standard - we reinvented it. The rest is history.

Renaissance Cotton

Translate your work seamlessly from production to reproduction then reimagine it all over again. For artists, innovators, and those who are aren't satisfied with merely good enough.


Reliable, durable, consistent, sure of itself but never intrusive. We set the bar for a workhorse canvas.

Decor Matte

Prints with precision, stretches like a dream.

Production Matte

An all-poly canvas that doesn’t sacrifice on quality.  Low cost, easy to stretch, scuff resistant with no coating, and featuring the HD print quality that has become synonymous with the Breathing Color name.

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