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  • Chromata White Canvas BreathingColor
  • Chromata White Canvas BreathingColor

Chromata White

The Unstandard
Often imitated, never replicated, Chromata White tells the story of Breathing Color.  Born in 2005 as the industry’s first OBA-free inkjet coated canvas, Chromata White answered the demand for a museum grade canvas that was reliably color stable and withstood the test of time.  Even we didn’t predict the impact a truly archival canvas would have on the emerging giclée market. 

Consistency and accuracy without compromise - the principles that informed the development and success of Chromata White are still at the core of our brand values today. 
A truly bright white canvas that makes for luminous prints with bold color.
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Product highlights

For stunning results with more luscious than life color
The world's first OBA-free inkjet coating is now a tried and true classic

 20 mil Polyester Cotton base with calm but substantive texture

Certified by an independent third party for 100+ years display life when paired with Timeless or Glamour 2

Reflect your art accurately under any lighting conditions
OBA-free for a color stable canvas that will never "burn-out"

 Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas


Base Composition
65% polyester, 35% cotton
Medium-robust (2-over-1 weave)
OBA Content
390 GSM
20 mils
CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)
L* 96.40 / a* 0.60 / b* -0.6
Gloss Level
2 GU
Core Diameter
44"-wide and smaller: 2" Padded Core
50"-wide and larger: 3" Padded Core
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