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Lyve Matte Canvas

Lyve builds on the legacy of the world's first OBA-free canvas with superior resolution, greater dmax, and a wider color gamut. As Breathing Color's flagship matte canvas, Lyve features the highest archivability of 100 years. Benchmarked by the Fine Art Trade Guild with the exclusive Blue Wool certification available to display on our website. Display your Lyve prints with confidence for years to come!

Timeless Archival Varnish

Exclusive Canvas Varnish

Our Timeless premium canvas varnish is the final touch to your exquisite fine art prints. It creates an exclusive and one-of-a-kind aesthetic that instantly elevates your canvas print.

Applying this canvas varnish to your canvas print enhances the colors and provides a non-porous coating that sits on top of the print. The archival varnish layer protects prints from scratches and abrasion while also providing UV protection and a waterproof coating.

In addition to protecting the print surface, varnishing has a number of aesthetic benefits:

  • Canvas varnish increases color vibrancy
  • It provides greater shadow contrast
  • Archival varnish prevents glare
  • It makes the print easy to clean
  • Each varnished print has its own distinctive appearance
  • Timeless is a perfect partner to HVLP systems. 

With our archival liquid varnish from Breathing Color, your canvas print will dazzle customers for a lifetime.

After application, this canvas print varnish leaves nothing but a transparent, brilliant, and spectacular coating.

When you apply our canvas varnish, your memories will last forever. It protects the colors on your prints and ensures they will remain beautiful for years to come.

Are you ready to create the canvas print of your dreams? Order Breathing Color's Timeless canvas varnish now!


Easywrappe Pro

Easy Wrappe Pro is the beefed up brother of the industry's fastest gallery wrap solution.  The process is the same, the quality is the same, only with a thicker, sturdier profile for frames up to 60" x 60".  Corner keys are included with every pack of bar to ensure a tool free assembly that won't warp or weft.  An excellent solution for small print shops and any DIY'er with limited space or tools.  Print images 6" wider than final frame size.  

Starter kit includes: four corner braces, cutting tool, archival glue, and a box of 100 holding pins. 

Note: The Easywrappe Pro 1.75" system is not cross-compatible with the Easywrappe Standard 1.25" system. For more information, contact

Crystalline Canvas

As one of the only no-varnish canvases on the market, Crystalline Satin boasts a special coating that offers the best print quality, highest durability, and 55-year archivalness with no varnish required. OBA free means your colors and details will always look sharp with no color fading. Crystalline Gloss leads the industry in color density, dmax, and archival quality. Straight to canvas helps you skip the varnish! Print and stretch all in the same day!


Gesture Sul

Gesture SUL features a high satin finish for maximum versatility and the greatest color density and Dmax in its class.

Stretcher Bar Moulding

Give your art the profile it deserves. Stretch your artwork on thick, generously grained stretcher bar moulding from Breathing Color. Our canvas stretcher bar sticks are made from sustainably sourced pine. They come in a variety of popular stretcher bar moulding lengths, including convertible, gallery, cove, and more.


Motif Satin/gloss

Certified HP Latex compatible and yielding finished results in a few passes. Compatible with Eco-Sol and latex inks for environmentally friendly results

Elegance Velvet

Print with Elegance and see for yourself why this fine art paper is what you’ve been looking for. The velvet feel and discreet texture that captures every detail of your images with pristine colors and deep blacks. This 100-year archival acid and lignin free 100% cotton rag paper is a fan favorite for a reason!


Vibrance Luster

Luster paper and satin photo paper have long been the primary choice for photo printing. This is largely thanks due to their high durability and incredible print quality. Unlike the smoother surface of other resin coated photo paper, luster printer paper has a subtle texture. Our premium photo paper helps hide oily fingerprints and scuff marks. This enables a paper like Breathing Color’s Vibrance Luster photo paper to truly last. It can endure the rigors of a busy print shop without the need for lots of expensive reprints.

Discover our premium Luster photo paper to elevate your art.

What Makes Luster Photo Paper Different? Luster paper has two major advantages: It enables the paper to withstand minor wear-and-tear blemishes and scuffs. It provides the viewer with a lower direct reflection of light. As a result, there is less glare and shine, and the image is easier to see from all directions. It is perfect for anyone looking for...

Browse our best-loved offerings.

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