Muse 200 Canvas SUL

for Solvent/UV/Latex Inks

Your Go-to, HP-Certified Latex Canvas

  • * HP Latex Certified
  • * Abrasion resistant surface easily stands up to the print production process, packaging, and handling
  • * Stretches without cracking, separating, or flaking
  • * Finer weave pattern (Oxford 1-over-1)
  • * Gloss and satin finishes | 16 mil thickness | 310 gsm weight

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16 mil 310gsm | Poly-cotton | Satin or Gloss | Certified for HP Latex Inks

Muse 200 Canvas is a high-quality canvas designed specifically for solvent inks and HP Latex inks.

Breathing Color's Muse 200 Canvas has officially been certified compatible with HP Latex inks. The certification process was successfully completed by Color Concepts, a third-party agency recommended and approved by HP.

HP's Experience Center had this to say:

"I was able to run your canvas at 6pass, 4pass and even 3pass!!! All looked great and had sellable quality. It‰Ûªs a huge deal! We tell clients to print most canvases at either 8pass or 10pass. The coating on your canvas allowed me to put down less ink, and therefore, be able to run at some of the faster speeds on the printer."

You will find Muse 200 listed in HP's Media Solutions Locator and media profiles can be downloaded there as well as directly from your printer interface and the HP cloud.

Muse 200 comes in gloss and satin options. It boasts fantastic print quality that will blow your customers away and will be cost effective at the same time.

Your stretching department will love how easy this supple canvas wraps around stretcher bars. No worries during handling either, as the scuff resistant surface won't let you down.

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  1. Canvas sags more in the direction of the weave, typically horizontal
  2. Sagging can happen from under or over tightening
  3. Environment plays a huge part - high constant humidity will relax canvas
  4. For dry environments, spritzing the back of a sagging canvas with hot, distilled water can help re-tighten.
  5. Start stapling on longest dimension & staple clean line. Move to the opposite side, not around the edge of the frame.
  6. Add cross bars and corner keys after full framing.
  7. Putting a bead of archival glue on the bars as you set the edge helps hold tension and keep it all even and flat.
  8. Frame in a high humid environment then move to a drier environment.
  9. More information can be found in this article.

  Retail Qty
Muse 200 Gloss SUL - 30"x20' sample roll $2995 Out
Muse 200 Gloss SUL - 44"x150' $46750
Muse 200 Gloss SUL - 54"x150' $57375
Muse 200 Gloss SUL - 60"x150' $63750
Muse 200 Gloss SUL - 64"x150' $68000
Muse 200 Satin SUL - 36"x20' sample roll $3999
Muse 200 Satin SUL - 44"x150' $46750
Muse 200 Satin SUL - 54"x150' $57375
Muse 200 Satin SUL - 60"x150' $63750
Muse 200 Satin SUL - 64"x150' $68000 Out