Pura Smooth

for Aqueous Inks

The highest quality smooth fine art paper

100+ years archival certification

  • * Incredible resolution and detail
  • * Eye-popping color gamut & Dmax
  • * OBA-free, yet still bright white
  • * Manufacturer direct
  • * Matte finish  |  15 mil thickness  |  300 gsm weight

*Compatible with most Epson, Canon, and HP printer models!



Pura Smooth is a 300gsm bright white, matte fine art paper with a luxuriously smooth surface ideal for high resolution photographic imagery. It is able to produce extremely crisp and accurate detail as a result of its leadership (when measured against other fine art papers on the market today) in tonal range value, line quality, line contrast, and raggedness.

Pura Smooth is Breathing Color's latest innovation tailor-made for the demanding and discerning photographer who values superior performance in print quality.



With a proprietary inkjet receptive coating that delivers off-the-chart numerical readings in Dmax and color gamut, Pura Smooth represents the new age of fine art papers from Breathing Color and is unmistakably in a league of its own.


The Dmax on Pura Smooth is exceptional. If you print black & white photography, this paper is a must see.


Just wait until you see your portrait photography on Pura Smooth. It might be the most pleasing reproduction of skin tones you have ever seen on a fine art paper.


Pura Smooth will bring a new perspective to the finest detail contained in your photographs. Photographers spend a lot of money to buy the right camera and equipment that will enable them to capture every detail of their vision. It's time to use a paper that can do the same.


Called "Chromata White", this breakthrough technology has set Breathing Color apart for years. Normally, OBA-Free products have a yellowish surface. Our "Chromata White" technology, which we released in 2005, forever changed this by delivering OBA-Free with the desired bright white surface. This answered the needs of our customers to maximize the longevity of their prints while maintaining the most popular and desired look.


Pura Smooth is archival certified for 100+ years. Download and utilize the Archival Certificate to differentiate your business and show your customers how much you care about quality.


Ever noticed how a print can look identical under one light source, yet show remarkable differences in color when viewed under a different light source? This problem is referred to as "metamerism". When OBA's are used in inkjet media, the metamerism problem exacerbates exponentially. Because this product is manufactured OBA-free, you are assured that your prints will look consistent under different lighting conditions.


Our proprietary products are very expensive to develop, manufacture and ensure quality. If we sold them through traditional distributors, our products would hands down be the most expensive on the market. Instead, we employ a manufacturer-direct business model that bypasses the middle man and empowers us to provide you with first class, state-of-the-art products at competitive prices. It also allows us to deliver direct, unprecedented service and support for our products. Here's where you can learn 5 Ways to Save Money with Breathing Color.


If you are new to Breathing Color and would like to test this product, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the inexpensive 10' rolls offered. Ten foot rolls are offered in order to encourage our customers to try our award-winning products for a minimal investment. They provide enough product so that our customers can sufficiently run tests and create samples.

Other Product Information

Pura Smooth Fine Art Paper is water-resistant and instant drying, and can therefore be coated with our Timeless or Glamour 2 print varnish to create coated finishes on 100% Cotton Rag fine art paper (scroll down below this section to see a tutorial video of this process). You can use Timeless Gloss, Satin, and Matte with the process outlined in the video below. You can also use Glamour 2 Gloss, Matte, or a combination of the 2 when coating Pura Smooth.

Breathing Color is now publishing measured testing data analysis of our products in order to illustrate our ongoing commitment to excellence in quality and the attainment of clear leadership in product innovation. We call our products "the most advanced in the world" - and its our job to to show you precisely why. Please read our Print Quality Evaluation of The Top 100% Cotton Rag Inkjet Fine Art Papers.

Print Permanence Testing & Archivability Standards

Pura Smooth Passes Blue Wool Test

Extensive independent testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory has concluded that the Pura Smooth Fine Art Paper meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and lightfastness. The Fine Art Trade Guild has established these standards in order to protect the interests of consumers. Consumers who follow the Blue Wool Testing and the Fine Art Trade Guild standards can be confident that the art and framing supplies they use are archival.

Helpful Videos

How to Varnish Fine Art Paper Prints

Compatible Inkjet Printers

This Product has been compatibility tested and approved for the following printers. If you do not see your printer listed below, it does not mean it is not compatible but that we have not tested and approved your printer at this time. Our aqueous media is compatible with most pigment and dye-based ink systems.


Professional Photo: Pixma Pro-1, Pixma Pro-10, Pixma Pro-100, Pixma Pro9500, Pixma Pro9500 Mark II

Large Format: iPF5000, iPF5100, iPF6000S, iPF6100, iPF6200, iPF6300, iPF6300S, iPF6350, iPF6400, iPF6450, iPF8000, iPF8000S, iPF8300, iPF8300S, iPF8400, iPF9000, iPF9100, iPF9400, iPF9400S, W6400, i990


Stylus Photo Series: R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R2880, R3000

Stylus Pro Series: 3800, 3880, 3890, 4000, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7500, 7600, 7700, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, 10000, 10600, 11880, WT7900

Surecolor: T3000, T5000, T7000


Hi-Fi Jet Pro & Pro II Series Printers, VersaArt RA-640


DesignJet: 1055CM +, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, Z3200ps, 5000, Z5200, 5500, Z6100, Z6200

Photosmart Pro: 8750, B9180


JV-4, JV2-130, JV22-160


RJ46, RJ50, RJ62, RJ64, RJ900, ValueJet 1304W, ValueJet1604AW, ValueJet1638W


All Durst printers using aqueous pigment or dye-based ink

Downloads - Spec Sheet & Archival Quality Certificate 

inkjet canvas quality certificate     fine art trade guild     inkjet fine art data sheet

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Pura Smooth - 17"x25" sheets, 25 per box $13345 - -
Pura Smooth - 17"x10' $3000 - -
Pura Smooth - 24"x10' $5200 - -
Pura Smooth - 36"x10' $7500 - -
Pura Smooth - 44"x10' $9000 - -
Pura Smooth - 17"x40' $9917 $8231 $7269
Pura Smooth - 24"x40' $14000 $11620 $10262
Pura Smooth - 36"x40' $21000 $17430 $15393
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Pura Smooth - 60"x40' $35000 $29050 $25655
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