Laminate Film

  • * Clear polyester (PET) with a solvent acrylic pressure sensative adhesive (PSA)
  • * Sharp finish that adds amazing depth and crisp detail to your prints
  • * Use with our Allure Photo Panels to add protection and longevity
  • * Gloss and Matte finishes have added UV hardcoat scratch-resistant layer
  • * Finishes: High gloss, matte, and luster
  • * Thickness: 4 mil film, 1 mil adhesive

*The luster finish is currently open for pre-order. We expect to have inventory on hand within the coming weeks.*


Quartz Quick Start Guide


Breathing Color's Quartz Laminate Film is primarily designed to be used with our aqueous direct-to-surface Allure Photo Panels . Print direct to Allure with your Epson or Canon printer and then apply Quartz to add that tough protective layer and to achieve the finish your after, be it gloss, matte, or luster.

After much testing, we have found that a nice thick laminate film with a pressure sensitive adhesive works very well with Allure. No matter which finish you choose, you will be amazed at the quality of your printed metal piece after applying Quartz.


Quartz Laminate Film: Application, Examples, and Benefits


For added convenience, we now offer high-quality roller laminators manufactured in the U.S.A. and shipped by Drytac, from their JetMounter series. These lamination machines range in width from 18" all the way up to 63".

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Quartz Anti-Scratch Laminate, Gloss 5 mil - 25.5"x15' $4999
Quartz Anti-Scratch Laminate, Gloss 5 mil - 51"x150' $63113
Quartz Laminate, Luster 5 mil - 25.5"x15' $4999 Out
Quartz Laminate, Luster 5 mil - 51"x164' $69003
Quartz Laminate, Matte 5 mil - 25.5"x15' $4999
Quartz Laminate, Matte 5 mil - 51"x164' $69003
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