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Protect Your Allure Aqueous Metal Prints With Timeless Varnish


Our thoughts on roll and spray varnishing Allure with Timeless, plus a video demonstration on how to properly top coat your metal prints.

Making metal prints just got even easier.

If you’re not familiar with Allure Aqueous Metal, be sure to check it out. Allure AQ is the easiest way to make fine art quality rigid metal prints with your Epson printer and OEM inks.

We just discovered that Allure can be roll or spray coated after printing, for added protection, using our Timeless Matte print varnish.

We haven’t yet perfected the satin and gloss versions, but our chemists are hard at work on getting these to work and we hope to make that announcement soon.

Top coating Allure after printing is definitely not a requirement. It has a certain durability and can be handled very similarly to an un-coated canvas or fine art paper print.

Some do prefer to have a post print protective layer, and these new-found liquid varnish options continue to make Allure a no-brainer for those who realize that offering prints on metal is a must in today’s market.

VIDEO: How to Properly Varnish Allure

Check out this video of our resident coating expert Carnie Littlefield explaining about the ins and outs and showing you how it’s done with Timeless Matte.

We also discovered a few aerosol options that work very well, for those of you who want to go that route:

  • Krylon Matte Finish 1311
  • Krylon ColorMaster Acrylic Crystal Clear Satin

We have also heard customers report that ArtResin makes Allure prints look amazing.

ArtResin is a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that will give you a very thick layer on top of the print, providing serious protection from well…anything.

More often than not, after we release a new product there is a steady stream of new creative ideas that both our employees and our customers come up with which make it even better or easier to use.

So stay tuned for more similar announcements and let us know if you are doing something creative with Allure or any other Breathing Color products.


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