Dust Removal System Roller

Clean First, Print Once.

  • * Perfect for cleaning Allure Fine Art Metal before printing and laminating
  • * Removes particulates as small as 1 micron
  • * SDI's DRS roller is well established in the print industry, historically in the acrylic face mounting process
  • * Available in 12" width
  • * Replacement pads contain 1 box of 5 pads. Each pad contains 50 sheets
  • * Each Roller Kit contains: a roller, a cleaning pad holder, and a box of cleaning pads


SDI's Dust Removal System (DRS) is the ultimate tool for removing particulate contaminants. Unwanted particles as small as one micron are readily removed from your surface or substrate by simply passing the tacky roller over whatever substrate you're working with. Weather you're cleaning your work area, or a material you are about to print on (or both) the DRS roller is the way to go.

The DRS roller has been used industry-wide for many years. Do you face mount photo prints to Plexi? You probably use a DRS roller.

The light blue SDI roller is perfect for for inkjet-coated substrates such as art papers or our Allure Fine Art Metal.

The DRS rollers have a 12" handle, are constructed of high-quality plastic, and have a 30 degree handle.


1. Take a clean DRS Hand Roller, DRS Pad, and the surface/substrate to be cleaned.

2. Pass the DRS hand held roller over the flat surface to be cleaned. The roller‰Ûªs tacky polymer coating lifts particulate matter from the substrate without liquids or sprays.

3. Clean the dirty roller by passing it directly onto the cleaning pad surface.

About SDI

SDI is the largest independent manufacturer of contact cleaning systems in the world. Founded in 1979, they offer highly engineered product dedicated to yield improvement in dust-critical production areas.

The SDI Principal

The SDI cleaning principle consists of two linked processes.

1. Specially formulated polymer rollers gently lift loose, dry contamination away from any flat surface.

2. The polymer rollers are then passed in contact with a sheet on an adhesive pad, onto which they transfer the lifted contamination. When saturated, the top sheet is simply peeled away, exposing a fresh layer.

Isopropyl Alcohol or warm soapy water are the only 2  chemicals that should be used to clean the rollers.

In most cases the rollers will last years unless abused or cleaned with improper chemicals.

  Retail Qty
DRS Roller Kit - 12" Light Blue Tack Roller, Roller Holder, Box of Cleaning Pads $34595
DRS Replacement Cleaning Pads - 5 pads, 50 sh per pad (250 sh total) $12395