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5 Ways to Increase Your Sales With Vinyl Banners


When you add a new product to your list of mediums how do you promote it? The following post will detail five EASY ways to get you started. These tips will help you sell your new Insignia vinyl profitably in no time. Because that’s what this business is about right? Producing prints and making customers happy. Profiting from this is nice too! Need more ideas on ways to up sell vinyl banners and vinyl signs to your clients? Give us a call 866-722-6567 and let’s discuss new ways to make you more profitable.

Talk to your existing clients. ALL OF THEM!

Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

Do you sell prints on various substrates? Great! Call your clients and let them know about your NEW Insignia vinyl banner offering. Don’t just be the art & photo paper, canvas or metal company. Offer vinyl signs and banners! Your customers will love it. People have a need for vinyl prints – you just need to let them know you offer it. Have a nice printed sample with grommets in your catalog ready to show off. Keep a 24″ or 36″ roll-on hand ready-to-use. Printed banners are an easy up-sell and they are PROFITABLE.

Buy an inexpensive grommet kit or grommet press for vinyl banners

Being able to add grommets to the banner is key for your customers to be able to display easily. Not every customer will need grommets, but it’s a smart option to offer. As a result, you can up-charge by adding an extra $0.50-$1.00 per grommet. Businesses like real estate and property managers need signs and banners all the time, especially for outdoor use. Therefore, grommets are key!

Pick up this small, inexpensive grommet kit on Amazon for under $20.

This larger grommet press (under $100 on Amazon) is a good upgrade when you start doing at least one banner or more per day.

Have a menu of available vinyl banner sizes and their prices

Have a short “menu” of available banner and sign sizes including their prices. (This should be the case not just for your banner prints, but for all of your inkjet print offerings.) As a result, this removes any possible barriers from your customer’s mind. Eliminate confusion (like $ per square foot) with an easy-to-understand price sheet. Feature 3 popular sizes with pricing and let them know that custom is available. Being able to have this may give you a competitive advantage. Have a small up-charge for custom sizes – $10. They’re not any harder for you to do, but custom work costs a little more.

Offer design templates for vinyl signs for your customers

Provide some design templates and downloads for your customers. A customer may need help to envision their banner. Therefore, offer a few eye-catching design templates to give them ideas. This will provide inspiration and lower a barrier to entry. Likewise, make sure your designs are clean, colorful and relatable. Make sure your templates allow your vinyl banners and vinyl prints to shine.

Offer vinyl printing on your marketing material

Put the new offer on your website. Do you know what’s harder than getting new sales? Getting new sales without a complete list of all of your products. For instance, make sure to list your print products on your website. Highlight the vinyl banner and vinyl signs. In conclusion, here’s a PRO TIP: up-sell vinyl banners and signage to any existing product sales.



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