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Icc Profile Basics, Printing on Magnets, & Bulletproof Prints

AskBC Podcast, Color Management, Printmaking

ICC profile basics, how to print on magnets, and what protection varnishing offers.

“What are ICC profiles, anyways?” We take a few minutes this week to go back to basics and outline what ICC profiles are used for, how they improve your prints, and where to find them for your specific printer model. Also on the show, a few solutions for a listener looking to print onto magnetic material, and a reminder that your prints are near bullet proof after being varnished.

  • What are ICC profiles? Uses, where to find them, and more
  • Breathing Color’s custom ICC profile creation service
  • Letting your printer manage color
  • Printing on magnetic material – is it possible on a wide format printer?
  • An adhesive fabric alternative to magnets
  • Children running amuck in your gallery – will varnish keep your prints safe?
  • Videos proving how resilient varnished prints can be
  • The fold/pinch test – how to tell if you’re not applying enough coating
  • Using the right type of rag to wipe off your prints

Listen in to learn about ICC profiles and bulletproof prints


Show Notes

  • Listeners featured in this episode include Vick from, Rob from, and RHJ from Nebraskaland Photo.
  • Breathing Color’s Art Peel is an adhesive inkjet wall fabric.
  • To see printmaker Ken Doo eat ice cream off a print varnished with Timeless, check out the 10:38 mark of this video. In another video, Ken’s son uses a gallery wrapped print completed with Breathing Color materials as a surfboard!
  • Check out Breathing Color’s Glamour II varnish and Timeless varnish.
  • Our extensive inventory of ICC profiles can be found on our website.
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Audio Transcription

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