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Sending Work to a Commercial Press: How to Get Color-Accurate Results

AskBC Podcast, Color Management, Printmaking

Converting and proofing your images at home before sending them off to a commercial press for mass reproduction.

Nervous about sending your work off to a commercial press? Scott Martin, a print workflow expert, explains how you can use Photoshop and smart paper selection to simulate a four-color press look and proof your prints at home with a printer like the Epson 3880.

  • Converting your image to SWOP
  • Black point compensation – matching a four-color press’s capabilities
  • The necessity of trial and error
  • Papers designed specifically for proofing
  • Ordering proofs from print vendors instead
  • SWOP 5 vs. SWOP 3 vs. GRACoL – Three quality tiers
  • How does this process change for digital presses?
  • Printing to match a printer that doesn’t allow custom ICC profiles – a tricky situation
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about sending work to a commercial press

Show Notes

  • To learn about Scott Martin and his services as a workflow consultant, check out his website.
  • Listeners featured in this episode include Ed and Adam.
  • Quick reference: printer specifications mentioned in the episode include SWOP 5, SWOP 3, and GRACoL ​
  • Follow Scott’s instructions for simulating a four-color press at home by downloading our Proofing Walkthrough
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