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  • Emblem Textured Natural Art Paper BreathingColor
  • Emblem Textured Natural Art Paper BreathingColor

Emblem Textured Natural

An Emblem Is...
Wild, carefree, and full of life, Emblem Textured Natural is our most exuberant paper.  Rippling texture for relaxed charm.  OBA-free to prevent yellowing and fading.  If you laughingly defy conventions, if you know a good time when you see it, if you’ve got two hands in the future and two feet in today…
Emblem Textured Natural. 

Some stand together and some stand out together.
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Product highlights

Breathing Color's first natural toned paper gives prints vibrancy and surprising lift
Featuring rippling texture and capable of generous saturations
The ideal weight and thickness for engaging and dynamic prints
Certified archival by an independent third party for 100+ years display life
Reflect your art accurately under any lighting conditions
OBA-free for a color stable paper that will never "burn-out"
Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas


Base Composition
100% Cotton
Natural Matte
OBA Content
310 GSM
18.5 mils
CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)
L* 97.5 / a* -0.50 / b* 2.0
Gloss Level
3 GU
Core Diameter
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