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The following Breathing Color items are all made right here, in Austin Texas, U.S.A.

Lyve Matte Canvas

Lyve builds on the legacy of the world's first OBA-free canvas with superior resolution, greater dmax, and a wider color gamut. As Breathing Color's flagship matte canvas, Lyve features the highest archivability of 100 years. Benchmarked by the Fine Art Trade Guild with the exclusive Blue Wool certification available to display on our website. Display your Lyve prints with confidence for years to come!

Chromata White

The industry's first ever OBA-free matte inkjet canvas was born in 2005. Chromata White was introduced as a truly groundbreaking bright white canvas with no optical brighteners. Discover a matte white canvas that answers many modern artists’ demands. This is truly a museum-grade canvas with the highest dmax and color gamut.

Renaissance Cotton

Renaissance Cotton is the perfect canvas for mixed media compositions as it contains no optical brighteners and no synthetic fibers. Set your imagination free with this 100% cotton archival inkjet canvas. Print, paint, and be the artist you've always wanted to be.


Need to get your jobs out the door with your wallet intact? A 2-over-1 poly/cotton matte canvas that is primed for varnish makes 800M canvas great for those with speed and print quality in mind. A great choice for jobs big or small, 800M is simple and to the point.


Decor Matte

This water-resistant poly-cotton canvas is perfectly suited for the decor market. Hotel rooms, lobbies, doctor's offices, you name it you can print it with Decor Matte.


Crystalline Canvas

As one of the only no-varnish canvases on the market, Crystalline Satin boasts a special coating that offers the best print quality, highest durability, and 55-year archivalness with no varnish required. OBA free means your colors and details will always look sharp with no color fading. Crystalline Gloss leads the industry in color density, dmax, and archival quality. Straight to canvas helps you skip the varnish! Print and stretch all in the same day!


Silverada Metallic Canvas

Unlike any other canvas we carry, Silverada is in a class by itself. Featuring a pearslecent metallic sheen and special satin no-varnish coating, Silverada will take any print to the next level. Black and white images, vehicle photography, HDR photography, and landscapes will pop off the canvas enhanced by the pearlescent effect. Make your images stand out with Silverada!

17m Satin/gloss

First there was Crystalline, and now there's 17M. Thinner, lighter, and faster to frame; 17M features the same no-varnish coating, scuff protection you have come to expect from Breathing Color's no-varnish line. Combined with 17M's quick dry technology and you have a print-and-stretch solution in just minutes!


Urth Satin/gloss

Breathing Color has done it again. Urth is the industry's first archival-certified solvent canvas, erasing conventional solvent printing concerns. Print with confidence on a canvas that will allow your memories to last for centuries. Made in the USA and OBA-Free, Urth Satin / Gloss is a leading solvent canvas roll that outshines the rest.

Muse Satin/gloss

A solvent canvas that won't crack, scuff, or smear, Muse Satin is a guaranteed win for your large format printer. This resilient 400 GSM canvas will print with high durability without sacrificing attention to detail. Print on 21mil satin canvas and stretch it in the same day.

Muse Metallic

Muse Metallic poses as a striking backdrop for panoramic vistas, high contrast work, and abstract color rich paintings. The medium fine texture of Muse Metallic lends style and grace while the metallic finish creates an eye- catching pearlescent effect.

Motif Satin/gloss

Certified HP Latex compatible and yielding finished results in a few passes. Compatible with Eco-Sol and latex inks for environmentally friendly results

Gesture Sul

Gesture SUL features a high satin finish for maximum versatility and the greatest color density and Dmax in its class.

Pura Smooth

This warm matte paper is perfect for all the details! OBA free means those details won’t fade either. Great for mounting so your audience can get nice and close to your work. This 100% cotton rag will work in your favor for years to come with quality that won’t quit.


Pura Velvet

The subtle texture of this matte paper lends itself to visual variety while maintaining the detail you love to see. OBA free and certified archival means that balance of quality remains intact for years to come. This 100% cotton rag feels plush and heavy in your hands, so don’t let this paper escape your notice.