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The following Breathing Color items are all made right here, in Austin Texas, U.S.A.
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The following Breathing Color items are all made right here, in Austin Texas, U.S.A.

Timeless Archival Varnish


Lyve Matte Canvas

An industry polestar and the cornerstone upon which we build our exacting standards. Measurably superior, graceful and compelling. The canvas of limitless possibilities.

Crystalline Canvas

The crown jewel of our NO-LAM canvas line. To realize the ultimate Dmax and color gamut a canvas can offer simply print and stretch.  No coating, no cracking, no crying.

Chromata White

When we released the world's first OBA-free inkjet canvas, we didn't raise the standard - we reinvented it. The rest is history.

Elegance Velvet

Sophisticated and demure, sensual and riveting.



Reliable, durable, consistent, sure of itself but never intrusive. We set the bar for a workhorse canvas.


Optica One

Set sail and navigate the fullest breadth of the color spectrum with a fine art paper that is bold and striking, crisp, clean, and effervescent.


Pura Velvet

The raconteurs delight. Rakish, yet sincere. A glowing fragment secreted away, buried within hidden depths.


17M Satin/Gloss

Incredible scuff protection, moisture resistance, and UV defense now in record time.

Pura Smooth

Highly archival and designed in the pursuit of purity. Nothing to distract, nothing to protest.


Urth Satin/Gloss



Unparalleled dimensionality and generous saturations - all the luxury of Breathing Color’s archival papers at a décor price.

Signa Smooth

Bridge the gap between structured and workable, affordable and extravagant. Get a little bit of this, sacrifice none of that.


Silverada Metallic Canvas

A beacon reflecting the golden light.

Decor Matte

Prints with precision, stretches like a dream.


Muse Satin/Gloss