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17M Satin/Gloss

No varnish canvas with scuff protection
Aqueous (PK-Required)Aqueous (PK-Required)
Poly/Cotton BlendPoly/Cotton Blend
Made in the USAMade in the USA

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First there was Crystalline, and now there's 17M. Thinner, lighter, and faster to frame; 17M features the same no-varnish coating, scuff protection you have come to expect from Breathing Color's no-varnish line. Combined with 17M's quick dry technology and you have a print-and-stretch solution in just minutes!

Stop waiting for coatings to cure- 17M is ready to stretch when you are

Fine texture for a still and undisturbed surface that opens from wider angles

No lamination required means prints are done and ready to stretch in record time

Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas

Base Composition

65% polyester 35% cotton


Fine (1-over-1)


Satin or Gloss

OBA Content



360 GSM


17.5 mils



CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)

Satin: L* 97.70 / a* 1.40 / b* (-2.0)

Gloss: L* 97.50 / a* 1.50 / b*(-3.90)

Gloss Level

Satin: 6 GU
Gloss: 9 GU

Core Diameter

44"-wide and smaller: 2" Padded Core
50"-wide and larger: 3" Padded Core

To learn more visit our Understanding Product Specs Page

This product has been compatibility tested and approved for the following printers. If you do not see your printer listed below, it does not mean it is not compatible, but because we cannot list every one of the thousands of compatible printer models. Our aqueous media is compatible with most pigment and dye-based ink systems. If you would like to confirm any unlisted printer is compatible before purchase, please contact

Breathing Color strongly recommends checking our ICC Profile Library page to see if we have color management files for your combination of media and printer model. If we are missing an ICC profile, we can advise generic settings and/or work with you to create Custom Profiles.

Your Printer is Compatible!

Compatible Products

More on printer compatibility

We recommend letting 17M prints dry for 1-2 hours before mounting or stretching for best results. Note: the dry time may vary depending on factors such as your home temperature, outside climate, and more.

Glossy and satin canvas is more susceptible to curling. This curling is most often caused imperfect atmospheric conditions. Please make sure to remove your roll of canvas from the printer when not being used. Also, be sure to store it inside of the original plastic sleeve and inside of the roll box.

Make sure also to store your print media as close as possible to our recommendations. Storage temperature should be around 70°F (21°C). The relative humidity in your storage room should be about 50%.

To prevent the transfer of oils and dirt from your hands to the coatings on the media, it’s important to take protective measures. White cotton gloves should be worn when handling the media to keep it pristine.

When not using the media, you should store it in its original packaging, exactly how it was shipped to you. Read even more about our recommended handling and storage best practices on our blog.

No! That's the beauty of 17M no varnish canvas as a printer’s medium. Simply print, let it dry for 1-2 hours, and then stretch/mount/frame.

With our 17M Satin/Gloss, you can enjoy a no varnish canvas without headaches or extra steps.

We put padding around each core. This cushions the inner layers of canvas, which prevents creases and grooves from appearing at the end of roll.

Some other canvas and paper brands do not offer this layer of protection. What ensues is common creasing and grooving on the canvas material.

Our 17M is designed and packed with care. Here's how we do it with our no varnish canvas:

Stop wasting the last few feet of your media. Discover 17M Satin/Gloss and use every inch of your no varnish canvas.

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