Caviar WallWrap

for Solvent/Latex/UV inks

  • * Unique stippled pattern texture adds interest to your clients' walls
  • * Repositionable and long-term removable*
  • * 2-4x thicker than other wallcoverings - more durable and will not stretch or tear easily
  • * Unique textures can help hide imperfections in the wall
  • * No overlaminate required
  • * 13 MIL  |  340 GSM  |  3 in core


DreamScape Caviar Wall Wrap is a revolutionary wall graphic material with self adhesive backing.

Caviar is a thick 13 mil vinyl, weighing 15oz with a textured surface that has many advantages over other thin films.  This product has superior durability and will not stretch during installation. Caviar has an aggressive adhesive that is reposition-able, reusable and is recommended for short to mid-term projects. For permanent or long-term precision matched wall graphics, we recommend using Dreamscape's normal fabric-backed wallcovering products which are applied with commercial adhesives and are 100% dimensionally stable. Consider High Performance Canvas, High Performance Suede, and Terralon.

WallWrap has been tested on painted & primed drywall, metal, glass, wood panelling, composite surfaces – and will work reliably on most smooth clean surfaces.

*Removability - When applied properly on a suitable surface, the adhesive will maintain it’s standard release for 2 years. Beyond 2 years, the bond strength with the wall surface may gradually increase.

  Retail Qty
DreamScape Caviar Wall Wrap - 27"x15' sample roll $4399
DreamScape Caviar Wall Wrap - 54"x75' $32999