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  • Timeless Varnish BreathingColor
  • Timeless Varnish BreathingColor
  • Timeless Varnish BreathingColor
  • Timeless Varnish BreathingColor
  • Timeless Varnish BreathingColor

Timeless Archival Varnish

For Matte Canvas & Fine Art Paper

The results of our strenuous research and development cycle are nothing short of spectacular.  Formulated to pair with Breathing Color matte canvas and fine art paper, Timeless is the ultimate liquid varnish for archival certified prints.  Even coat for strong and present color and inky blacks.    Rapid dry technology and no dilution required makes Timeless a perfect partner to HVLP systems.  Add water resistance, scuff protection, and UV defense to your prints with polish and panache.  Timeless is the final touch.

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Product highlights

*Prints made with Canon 8300 and 8400 series printers cannot be roll coated and should be sprayed. This includes 24" and 44" models. Contact for details

Dries to the touch in 60 minutes

Pre-diluted for quick and easy spraying or rolling

Certified for use with archival media for 100+ years display life

Perfect at home, in the gallery, or high traffic areas, Timeless adds much needed water resistance

Protect prints from scuffs and abrasions

UV protected to prevent yellowing and fading

Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas


Active Concentration by Weight
36.75% (Gloss)
42% (Satin)
35% (Matte)
Viscosity (CPS)
150 (Gloss)
150 (Satin)
150 (Matte)
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Timeless Print Varnish has a 12 month shelf life when stored within our recommended storage conditions. We recommend a temperature-controlled environment between 65° and 75°F and 35% to 65% relative humidity. Do not store in direct sunlight. It is preferred to store in its original container with the tight fitting lid.

Since each person's environment and use of Timeless can vary, it can be difficult to put a firm number to how much surface area coating will cover for your specifically. With that in mind, our estimates are as follows:

One gallon of Timeless: 300-400 sq.ft. (about 157 prints at 16"x20")
One quart of Timeless: 75-100 sq.ft. (about 87 prints at 16"x20")
One pint of Timeless: 38-50 sq.ft. (about 10 prints at 16"x20")

Breathing Color Timeless/G2 Varnish is designed to coat printed matte canvas and fine art paper manufactured by Breathing Color. For any other manufacturer, we strongly recommend coating a test piece with a small sample of our varnish before coating larger pieces, as we cannot guarantee compatibility. Breathing Color's Satin and Glossy coated canvasses like Crystalline, 17M, and Silverada do not need to be varnished. For photo papers, acrylic spray varnish is recommended over Timeless/G2

No, we don't recommend it. Water-based mediums interact with the water-based varnish in undesirable ways, like smearing or most common ink bleed where it seeps.

Remember: Timeless and G2 are formulated specifically to work with IRC [inkjet receptive coating] on our media.

PRO TIP: When in doubt, ABT --"Always be testing!"

While we recommend using Timeless with inkjet media, we also encourage creative experimentation. We recommend applying Timeless to a couple of test prints so that you're not running the risk of damaging an original. 

Oils are designed to be thinned with either a matting or glossing medium like an clear linseed thinner or amber oil which can discolor with our water-based varnishes. Using Oil based paints OVER our varnish does work well. 

Exclusive Canvas Varnish

Our Timeless premium canvas varnish is the final touch to your exquisite fine art prints. It creates an exclusive and one-of-a-kind aesthetic that instantly elevates your canvas print.

Applying this canvas varnish to your canvas print enhances the colors and provides a non-porous coating that sits on top of the print. The archival varnish layer protects prints from scratches and abrasion while also providing UV protection and a waterproof coating.

In addition to protecting the print surface, varnishing has a number of aesthetic benefits:

Its high cotton count means that your canvas will not rip or crack when stretched, ensuring that your graphics will last for ages. With this simple Crystalline canvas, you can enjoy the brightest colors and the cleanest lines and give your art the strength it deserves.

  • Canvas varnish increases color vibrancy
  • It provides greater shadow contrast
  • Archival varnish prevents glare
  • It makes the print easy to clean
  • Each varnished print has its own distinctive appearance

With our archival liquid varnish from Breathing Color, your canvas print will dazzle customers for a lifetime.

After application, this canvas print varnish leaves nothing but a transparent, brilliant, and spectacular coating.

When you apply our canvas varnish, your memories will last forever. It protects the colors on your prints and ensures they will remain beautiful for years to come.

Are you ready to create the canvas print of your dreams? Order Breathing Color's Timeless canvas varnish now!

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