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  • Vibrance Luster Photo Paper BreathingColor
  • Vibrance Luster Photo Paper BreathingColor
  • Vibrance Luster Photo Paper BreathingColor


Luster Photo Paper

What is luster photo paper and why is it the workhorse of print shops and photo labs around the world? 

Luster paper and satin photo paper have long been the primary choice for photo printing due to their high durability and incredible print quality. Unlike the smoother surface of other resin coated photo paper, luster printer paper has a subtle texture that helps hide oily fingerprints and scuff marks. This enables a paper like Breathing Color’s Vibrance Luster to endure the rigors of a busy print shop without the need for lots of expensive reprints. 

If you ever have a customer asking what is luster paper, you should know that there are dozens of brands out there but only one carries the support and recognition of Breathing Color’s Vibrance Luster.

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Product highlights

Excellent color brilliance and image definition on a water resistant photo paper

Resin coated, blended base capable of handling high ink loads without cockling

Luster finish- perfect for delicate and inviting prints
Base Composition
Resin Coated Cellulose Blend
OBA Content
255 GSM
10 mils
CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)
L* 94.5 / a* 0.60 / b* (-5.0)
Gloss Level
20 GU
Core Diameter
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What Makes Luster Photo Paper Different?

Luster paper has two major advantages:

  1. It enables the paper to withstand minor wear-and-tear blemishes and scuffs.
  2. It provides the viewer with a lower direct reflection of light. As a result, there is less glare and shine, and the image is easier to see from all directions. It is perfect for anyone looking for a multi-purpose paper that will reduce glare in bright environments.

Breathing Color’s Vibrance Luster printer paper is water-resistant and delivers the ideal finish for stunning and delicate prints. Its colors are rich and lifelike with true blacks and pure whites, making them timeless and breathtaking.

You must choose the right finish if you want to astound your customers. Our Vibrance Luster will produce vibrant colors, fine details, and rich color saturation that will leave a lasting impression. 

Are you ready to bring your vision to life? Shop Breathing Color’s high-quality luster photo paper today!

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