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Ink Expiration and Troubleshooting the Epson 3880

AskBC Podcast, Printmaking

Justin talks about ink expiration and covers listener questions on the Epson 3880 in this Q&A episode of AskBC.

The Epson 3880 is a popular machine – many of our listeners print on it, and in 2012, PC Mag featured it in their round-up, “8 Great Large-Format Printers”.

We receive a lot of questions about using, maintaining, and repairing the 3880, so we thought we’d use this episode as our answer to some of the most popular inquiries. Things like, “What’s the best way to feed canvas sheets to the 3880?” (check show notes below for a great downloadable PDF on this) and “How do I turn off the auto-shutoff setting?”

Listen in for Justin’s tips and tricks on these topics, as well as his thoughts on printing with expired ink. Should you do it? What are the risks? How important is a manufacturer’s recommendation to swap cartridges six months after installation regardless of expiry date?

  • Keep the Epson 3880 on all the time, or auto-shutoff?
  • Accessing the 3880’s maintenance menu
  • Standby Mode
  • Attaching a paper strip to canvas to make printing on canvas easier
  • Using your hands to help the rollers catch canvas sheets
  • Matte paper on the 3880 – which is best for vivid colors?
  • Some general thoughts on matte vs. glossy papers
  • Ink expiration – how serious is it?
  • A huge customer support issue that resulted from using expired inks
  • Swap inks every 6 months?
  • Quick monthly step to take to keep pigments properly mixed
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about troubleshooting Epson 3880 common issues

Show Notes

  • This episode featured questions from Richard, Robert, Gary, and Don. If you have a printmaking question for the show.
  • BONUS: Need help setting a custom paper size on your 3880? We have you covered. 
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