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Embedded Profiles and Why Labs Prefer the Srgb Color Space

AskBC Podcast, Color Management, Printmaking

Transferring files in the correct color space for the desired results.

Part of running a successful printing operation is setting clear parameters for the types of files you’re willing to receive and print. Renée Besta, professional printmaker and photographer, shares insight into how to educate the customer on file transferring, avoiding embedded profiles that disrupt an efficient workflow, and why larger commercial labs may only accept images in the lower-quality sRGB color space.

  • The importance of guidelines when transferring images to be printed
  • Key formatting choices: resolution, color space, and file type
  • An explanation for why you may only be able to upload your images in the sRGB color space to labs
  • Built-in look-up tables
  • Internal LUTs that allow you to easily move your calibrated display to another computer
  • Fuji Chrystal Archive – the best paper in its category, not the best paper in general.
  • eCommerce platforms that allow you to pick your print vendor from a large list
  • Weighing effort vs. ease of use – put more work in, get better images and more print options.
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about embedded ICC profiles and the sRGB color space

Show Notes

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  • Listeners featured in this episode include Jim, Steve, and Paul.
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