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A Case Study in Troubleshooting Print Color Issues

AskBC Podcast, Printmaking

Learn how to troubleshoot print errors in this in-depth case study that tracks a professional printmaker’s thought process to identify and resolve a print color issue.

We’d love if every single print job you do comes out perfectly, but sometimes things just go wrong. When a print doesn’t look like you expect, where do you start?

Workflow pro Renée Besta is here to demonstrate the troubleshooting process with a case study on diagnosing a print with poor color results. Renée works through the hardware and software methodically to isolate which component in the complex printing process may be triggering inaccurate color.

  • Third party paper, custom profile, poor color output – What’s to blame?
  • Checking that correct media settings are in place
  • Media type mismatch
  • Decoding information ICC profiles provide in the file name
  • How to tell which stock media type you must use with a given ICC profile (it matters!)
  • When a print color issue isn’t actually an error, but the result of inexperienced expectations
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about troubleshooting print color issues

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