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Mounting Prints With Glamour II Giclee Varnish


This post will show you how to mount fine art paper prints to a rigid substrate using Glamour 2 giclee varnish.

Do you have fine art prints that you want to mount to a rigid substrate but don’t know what to use? Have you tried spray adhesives, double-sided tape or something else and have had marginal success? Want a quick and easy solution to effectively mount your prints using supplies you already have? Read on.

For many years, print-makers worldwide have made Glamour II their choice for varnishing canvas and fine art paper prints. But did you know you can also use Glamour II as a mounting adhesive? You can apply Glamour II directly from the container to the substrate, lay a print on top, and allow it to dry to form a permanent bond. The only key difference here is when using Glamour II as a mounting adhesive, it is important NOT to dilute. Glamour II traditionally needs to be diluted with distilled water for varnishing purposes, but if no water is added it makes a great mounting adhesive.

For more on using Glamour II for mounting and the differences between Glamour II and Timeless, click here to download our “Mastering Print Varnish” article.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glamour II Giclee Varnish (Gloss or Matte)
  • Substrate to mount prints on (foamcore, sintra, gatorboard, wood, etc)
  • Foam roller
  • Foam packing material
  • Cutting blade

The video below will show you the process for using Glamour 2 to mount your prints:

*Print Photography by Peter Latham

In the video example, we used Optica One smooth fine art paper. With this simple process, you will effectively mount fine art paper prints to any rigid substrate and have a permanent bond. This is yet another great use for Glamour II.

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