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Epson Print Length, PW Sensors, & Printing With Missing Colors

AskBC Podcast, Printmaking

Epson print length – printing long lengths without using a RIP, bypassing the page width sensor, and more.

This week Epson technician Ron Ardito joins us to answer listener-submitted questions on printing with missing or clogged colors, bypassing the page width sensor, maximizing Epson print length, and more! Tune in for your weekly troubleshooting fix.

  • Epson print length – can you print long lengths without using a RIP?
  • How to bypass the page width sensor to print onto already used papers.
  • What options do you have when a single color is clogged?
  • Printing with canvas using the rear feed of a desktop printer.

Listen in to learn about epson print length, PW sensors, printing with missing colors, and more!

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