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Matte Media Overview and Printing Canvas on Dtg Machines

AskBC Podcast, Printmaking

The qualities and limitations of matte media, a full description of the various matte papers Breathing Color offers, and a discussion of printing canvas on DTG printers.

Cold pressed? Hot pressed? Loss of shadow detail?

On this episode of #AskBC, Justin talks about what to expect out of printing on matte papers in terms of mid tone and shadow detail. He also runs down available matte media from Breathing Color including hot and cold pressed options.

Later in the show, Justin covers listener questions on choosing a RIP for use on a wide-format Epson and Windows operating system, and producing canvas prints on direct to garment printers.

  • Is reduced midtone and shadow detail inherent to matte media?
  • Defining hot pressed and cold pressed papers
  • A run down on what matte papers Breathing Color offers and the differences between them
  • RIPs that work well with Windows
  • A reminder of reasons to use a RIP (getting automatically better-looking prints isn’t one of them!)
  • Direct to garment (DTG) printer technology
  • Printing to canvas on DTG – possible, but not easy
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about matte media and canvas prints on DTG printers


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