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Archival Mounting Strips & Problems With Heavy Cotton Papers

AskBC Podcast, Printmaking

How to use archival mounting strips to avoid permanently affixing art to boards and mats, plus a discussion on common issues that arise when printing on heavy cotton papers.
Mounting your art doesn’t have to mean permanently losing the ability to uncouple your print, window mat, and/or backing board.

With archival-quality mounting strips, no adhesive touches the print itself – meaning when you or your customer wants to swap mats, you’re not out of luck.

Plus, a discussion on some of the common issues that can arise when working with heavy cotton papers. Head height problems, and how to get rid of those pesky fiber particles.

  • How archival mounting strips work
  • Permanent vs. removable mounting methods
  • Removable mounting practices save you money
  • An unexpected tool to remove particles and fibers from prints on cotton paper
  • The dangers of leaving particles on paper before printing
  • Head height issues when printing on thick papers
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about archival mounting strips and printing on heavy cotton papers

Show Notes

Want to dive deeper into the subjects discussed in this episode? Here are the notes Renee provided us on archival mounting strips and working with heavy cotton papers.

Question #1: Archival Mounting Strips

  • For conservation-grade mats and mounting and framing supplies, Renee recommends UniversityProducts and Lineco. They are widely available online – from Amazon to Dick Blick to B&H. They may also be found at your local Aaron Brothers art store.
  • The mylar strips mentioned in the episode are available for purchase here.
  • This linen tape is great for hinging window mats to mounting board using the classic T-Hinge (pictured below). But Renee still prefers the strips for mounting prints, as no adhesive comes into contact with the print.

Question #2: Problems with Heavy Cotton Paper

  • For more on how to configure your printer settings to use third party papers, you’ll definitely want to take a close look at Renee’s in-depth article on the subject.
  • Here is the page from the Canon Pro 100 online manual on printing tips and how to access the printer utility custom settings menu. (Check the ‘prevent paper abrasion’ box for thicker papers to widen the head height/platen gap)
  • Renee suggests the unscented Swiffer Duster to remove fibers before printing – a tip she picked up from Jon Cone. 

Audio Transcription

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