Renaissance Cotton

for Aqueous Inks

Premium Matte 100% Cotton Canvas. OBA-Free.

  • * Crafted entirely from cotton fibers in true professional artist style
  • * Archival Certification testing in progress
  • * Visually and measurably superior resolution and dmax versus competitors
  • * We are the manufacturer. You benefit from highest quality control and in-house expert service & support
  • * Formulated to work perfectly with Timeless archival print varnish
  • * Matte finish  |  22 MIL thickness  |  400 GSM weight

*Compatible with most Epson, Canon, and HP printer models!


Information is spreading at an extraordinary rate. Science, politics, art and literature are arriving at new and unprecedented conclusions. We are undoubtedly in a modern Renaissance, and the way we see it giclée is the printing press of today – the vehicle that will disseminate your work into expectant hands all over the globe. For artists and print makers who dream of exact reproductions, Renaissance Cotton provides the opportunity to print just how you paint. Renaissance Cotton contains no optical brighteners and no synthetic fibers, only the good and the wholesome. Embrace the extravagance of simplicity.


If you are new to Breathing Color and would like to test this product, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the inexpensive trial rolls offered. Trial rolls are priced as low as possible in order to encourage our customers to try our products with minimal investment. Trial rolls provide enough media so that our customers can sufficiently run tests and create samples.

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  Retail Qty
Renaissance Cotton - 17"x10' sample roll $2299
Renaissance Cotton - 17"x50' roll $11299
Renaissance Cotton - 24"x50' roll $15999
Renaissance Cotton - 36"x50' roll $23999
Renaissance Cotton - 44"x50' roll $29299
Renaissance Cotton - 60"x50' roll $39999