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  • Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor
  • Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor
  • Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor
  • Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas BreathingColor

Crystalline Canvas

The Crown Jewel
Crystalline no varnish canvas is the result of a multi-year research and development project aimed at bringing printmakers a canvas that is durable enough to be stretched without the application of varnish.  

We launched Breathing Color’s Crystalline canvas in 2012 and it has stood the test of time as it is still the only premium bright white (yet optical brightener free) no varnish canvas on the market.

Crystalline gloss canvas has industry leading color density and D-Max due to its high gloss finish. If you prefer a finish that’s slightly more subdued and has less glare under direct lighting, then Crystalline Satin canvas may be more your style. 

Whatever your preference, Crystalline canvas is the fastest way to get a canvas print out the door while maintaining the stunning quality Breathing Color products are known for.
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Product highlights

Industry leading saturations and the perfect sheen for prints that are bold and vibrant

Our heaviest weight canvas for stretchings with structure, style, and substance

No lamination required means prints are done and ready to stretch in record time

Certified for 55+ years display life with no coating and 75+ years when paired with Timeless or Glamour 2 

OBA-free for a color stable canvas that will never "burn-out"

Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas
Base Composition65% cotton 35% polyester
TextureMedium Firm (2-over-1 weave)
FinishSatin and Gloss
OBA ContentNone
Weight440 GSM
Caliper21 mils
CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)Satin: L* 97.50 / a*(-0.70) b* 1.3 Gloss: L* 97.20 / a* (-0.70) / b* 1.0
Gloss LevelSatin: 6 GU
Gloss 9 GU
Core Diameter44"-wide and smaller: 2" Padded Core
50"-wide and larger: 3" Padded Core
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Unrivaled Quality

Our Crystalline canvas provides an unrivaled professional quality look. Crystalline is an archival canvas that allows for simple printmaking without sacrificing beauty or durability.

This Crystalline no varnish canvas is OBA-free, which means it includes no optical brightening agents, ensuring that your prints will last for many decades. With this 55+ years archival quality base, you can devote your time and attention to creating amazing art to display on this fine canvas.

Your prints will be finished and ready to stretch in record time, with industry-leading saturations that will leave your customers speechless. Simply print and stretch to achieve the greatest Dmax and color gamut on this magnificent canvas.

Its high cotton count means that your canvas will not rip or crack when stretched, ensuring that your graphics will last for ages. With this simple Crystalline canvas, you can enjoy the brightest colors and the cleanest lines and give your art the strength it deserves.

This Crystalline canvas will help you generate print quality and color vibrancy that will set your art apart from the crowd.

Pair with Breathing Color’s Timless or Glamor 2 varnish options for an increased archival guarantee.

It's time to make your vision a reality – shop Breathing Color's Crystalline canvas today!

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