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  • Chromata White Canvas BreathingColor
  • Chromata White Canvas BreathingColor

Chromata White

The Unstandard
Often imitated, never replicated, Chromata White tells the story of Breathing Color.  Born in 2005 as the industry’s first OBA-free inkjet coated canvas, Chromata White answered the demand for a museum grade canvas that was reliably color stable and withstood the test of time.  Even we didn’t predict the impact a truly archival canvas would have on the emerging giclée market. 

Consistency and accuracy without compromise - the principles that informed the development and success of Chromata White are still at the core of our brand values today. 
A truly bright white canvas that makes for luminous prints with bold color.
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Product highlights

*Prints made with Canon 8300 and 8400 series printers cannot be roll coated and should be sprayed. This includes 24" and 44" models. Contact for details

For stunning results with more luscious than life color
The world's first OBA-free inkjet coating is now a tried and true classic

 20 mil Polyester Cotton base with calm but substantive texture

Certified by an independent third party for 100+ years display life when paired with Timeless or Glamour 2

Reflect your art accurately under any lighting conditions
OBA-free for a color stable canvas that will never "burn-out"

 Manufactured in Austin- the Art Capital of Texas


Base Composition
65% polyester, 35% cotton
Medium-robust (2-over-1 weave)
OBA Content
390 GSM
20 mils
CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)
L* 96.40 / a* 0.60 / b* -0.6
Gloss Level
2 GU
Core Diameter
44"-wide and smaller: 2" Padded Core
50"-wide and larger: 3" Padded Core
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