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Vibrance Matte

Photo Paper
Aqueous (MK)Aqueous (MK)
Bright WhiteBright White
Cotton/Alpha-cellulose BlendCotton/Alpha-cellulose Blend
Instant DryInstant Dry

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This bright white and supple smooth matte finish are sure to show off all the details of your prints without a hint of glare. From any angle, Vibrance Matte’s cellulose blend displays your prints with precision and simplicity. Great for most mounting techniques, exhibit your prints on Vibrance Matte today!

Our Vibrance Matte is available in a 4x6 matte photo paper size, a 5x7 matte photo paper size, as well as rolls up to 60” wide and 100’ long. Select the size that best suits your work.

Truly bright white for brilliant prints

Our go to paper for hassle-free posters, photos, and pass along art prints

Light, but stiff blended base for prints that hold up to a variety of display techniques

Base Composition

Cellulose Blend


Plain Smooth


Bright White Matte

OBA Content



230 GSM


12 mils



CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)

L* 97.30 / a* 3.90 / b* (-9.0)

Gloss Level

2 GU

Core Diameter


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This product has been compatibility tested and approved for the following printers. If you do not see your printer listed below, it does not mean it is not compatible, but because we cannot list every one of the thousands of compatible printer models. Our aqueous media is compatible with most pigment and dye-based ink systems. If you would like to confirm any unlisted printer is compatible before purchase, please contact

Breathing Color strongly recommends checking our ICC Profile Library page to see if we have color management files for your combination of media and printer model. If we are missing an ICC profile, we can advise generic settings and/or work with you to create Custom Profiles.

Your Printer is Compatible!

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Artists can render all sorts of emotions with their photography. And the paper a photo is printed onto can add to that emotion. That’s why we can’t definitively say whether glossy or matte photo paper are “better.” It’s a question of artistic and aesthetic choice.

No, matte photo paper is distinct from cardstock. There are numerous distinguishing features:

  • Weight and Thickness – premium matte photo paper is generally thinner and lighter than cardstock.
  • Coating – your photo on matte paper is always coated. Cardstock can come in coated and uncoated varieties.
  • Price – premium matte photo paper is generally more expensive than cardstock.
  • And many more features.

Satin photo paper is what is known as a semi-gloss. This means that while not fully glossy, it is also not matte. The surface is somewhat reflective and bright white.

Matte photo paper is devoid of glossiness.

Another difference between satin and matte photo paper lies in the color gamut. Matte photo paper tends to yield muted color tones. In contrast, satin photo paper tends to yield amplified color vibrancy.

Truly, both high quality papers are great for photo printing. Which one you choose will depend on the end result you’re hoping for.

Yes, Breathing Color is known for photo quality papers and accessories. This includes professional grade photo matte paper, glossy sheets, and more. And many of our products are available as a sample pack. Browse our full line today.

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