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Navigating Color Spaces and Affordable Wide Gamut Displays

AskBC Podcast, Color Management

How to use color space to your advantage, and a run down of available wide gamut displays.

If you’ve ever wondered what effect changing color spaces has on your image, this week’s show dispels the rumors and details how you can use color space to your advantage. Renée Besta, photographer and printmaker, also calls in to outline a couple of great wide gamut displays and makes the case that they’re not a luxury, but a necessity.

  • sRGB vs. Adobe RGB vs. ProPhoto RGB
  • Converting sRGB to Adobe RGB – does it add color?
  • Using the right color space for the right job
  • Best practice professional workflow
  • How can the quality of your monitor effect the quality of your prints?
  • Renée recommends 2 excellent wide gamut displays
  • Defective pixel tolerances
  • Tools to test and calibrate your monitor
  • Solutions for printmakers looking to save money on a display
  • A big sale on Renée’s favorite display
  • Much, much more!

Listen in to learn about color spaces and affordable wide gamut displays

Show Notes

  • For more from Renée, check out her website at
  • Listeners featured in this episode include Tim from, and Lily.
  • Resources from Pixel Genius member Andrew Rodney (aka Digital Dog):
    1. Digital Dog’s video The Benefits of Wide Gamut Working Spaces on Printed Output
    2. Digital Dog’s Gamut Test File used in the wide gamut print video mentioned above (run your own comparison test on your printer)
    3. Digital Dog’s Main Page with tons of white papers, videos, resources and test target links
  • Other resources:
    1. X-rite Online Color Test Challenge (test your monitor and color vision)
    2. Cambridge in Colour Color Management and Printing Resources
    3. Color Wiki
    4. NEC Display Solutions ‘About Color’ Information page
    5. NEC Display Solutions ‘Color Management’ Information page
  • NEC PA Series sale at B&H (Still active as of 5/20/15)
    • NEC PA242W-BK 24″ Professional Wide Gamut LED Desktop Display on sale at B&H Photo for a limited time at only $799 ($250 discount)
    • NEC PA272W-BK 27″ LED Backlit Wide Gamut LCD Desktop Display (Black) on sale at B&H Photo for a limited time at only $999 ($300 discount)
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Audio Transcription

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