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Printao 8 – Mac Software Review

Tools of the Trade

Learn all about the PrinTao 8 and what it can do for your printing workflow.

LaserSoft Imaging (LSI) has introduced a new Mac-exclusive RIP-like software for Epson and Canon printers. PrinTao 8 is a printer RIP-like software suite for Mac that was designed for those who want high-quality prints, but don’t want to spend months learning how to use the software.

It is easy to use and maintains the clean, simple interface you expect from other Apple software. We will briefly cover the main aspects of PrinTao, giving you an idea of what it can do for your printing workflow.

First Launch of PrinTao 8 and the Media Manager

Installation was a breeze. Simply follow the on-screen instructions, it couldn’t be easier. In less than ten minutes, I had our printers added and ready to go. Whether your printer is connected with USB or via network, setup is a snap, as PrinTao 8 will scan for any active printers and automatically install the necessary drivers to get you up and running.

Adding media is also a breeze, as PrinTao 8 comes pre-loaded with the most popular third-party paper products such as Breathing Color’s full line up: Lyve canvas, Pura Smooth fine art paper, Vibrance Metallic, and many more. All you have to do is check the box next to which papers you will be using and PrinTao takes care of the rest.

Adding new papers is a breeze!

The Start-Pilot

This easy to use printing program starts off with the “Start-Pilot” which allows you to setup everything you need for your print jobs, starting with which printer you want to print to. From there, you’ll move on to which product you print on, and then select your desired print quality, source, and size.

After clicking “Create” in the Start-Pilot, PrinTao 8 opens your workspace with a new blank canvas ready for images to be dropped in. Getting started is as easy as that!

The PrinTao 8 Workspace

Now that you are in the new blank page, you are ready to add those images. This is extremely easy to do, as PrinTao will automatically sync with your iPhoto and Lightroom libraries. Very useful! Also, you can drag-and-drop images directly into the workspace from any folder on your Mac.

The PrinTao 8 main window

The main workspace is split up into four sections: 1) the top – your main menu, 2) the left – your media library, 3) the center – your canvas, 4) the right – templates and image properties.  PrinTao comes with preset templates so you can nest your prints quickly for a simple setup and minimal wasted space. Using the other options on the right, you can quickly add more pages to your print queue, change image properties, change cell properties, and print.

If you are familiar with how Photoshop’s transform tool works, you will be very comfortable with moving and resizing your images on the canvas. Resizing is as simple as click-grabbing a corner of the image and enlarging or reducing it. You can move your images by simply clicking and dragging.  Additionally, each image is given a small set of controls to easily flip, rotate, mirror, or increase the size that pops up when you click on the image.

The Power Of The Queue

Here is where PrinTao 8 gets really powerful: The Queue Manager. The queue lets you send multiple print jobs in line, and prioritize them according to your deadlines. If you are running multiple printers, no problem! PrinTao’s Queue Manager has the ability to queue-up all of the jobs together to give you full control. You can re-order, hold, or cancel jobs directly from the Queue Manager all while watching the jobs get processed and printed in real time. This will surely help maximize your printing workflow.

Room For Improvement?

I have only one real complaint here: I can’t use it on my PC. It’s clear that LaserSoft Imaging is concerned with product development and supporting a wide range printmakers. Beginning this review, PrinTao wasn’t supporting Canon printers. Wrapping up this review now though, both Canons and Epsons are fully supported.

Final Thoughts

Have you have been frustrated with over-complicated printing software? Do you want to save time setting up your files for printing? Do you want the ability to queue up and prioritize your print jobs? Have you been searching for a simple RIP-like program? PrinTao 8 is all this and more.

Equally attractive is the fact that PrinTao comes setup with all the ICC profiles and settings for Breathing Color’s award-winning canvas and paper. From start to finish, this makes getting amazing prints as easy as possible!

It is competitively priced and you can purchase just what you need based on your printer’s width. The Home Studio Edition for the Epson R2880 and R3000 is currently only $99. You can view their entire line up and all of the pricing here.

Have you tried PrinTao? Have any other questions or comments? Leave them below! We’d love to hear from you.


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