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Photo Peel Matte Gets Featured in an Exhibit at Palmetto Art Center



Scott Martin Photography 2019

Scott Martin, a photographer, color management and print workflow consultant at Onsight, recently reached out to us after using Breathing Color’s Photo Peel Matte printable vinyl to produce an exhibit for Palmetto Arts Center in Palmetto, Florida.

Scott was ecstatic with the results, so we asked him some questions about the details of this project, including his print method and why he ultimately chose Photo Peel Matte as his preferred print media.

Scott Martin Photography 2019

The following interview was conducted by Justin Bodin, Breathing Color’s Product Manager via email on October 1st, 2019.

Q: Which factor(s) led to your decision to use Photo Peel for these prints?

A: The gallery has a huge curved sheetrock wall facing floor-to-ceiling windows. The light on this wall is ideal but the fact that it is curved makes it difficult to present rigid, framed artwork. Photo Peel gave us the chance to conform to the curved wall while providing a clean contemporary look at the same time. It was surprisingly affordable and allowed me to make 44″ x 64″ prints that were proportionate to the space.

Scott Martin Photography 2019

Q: Why did you choose the matte version of Photo Peel as opposed to the glossy version?

A: Matching the wall’s matte finish looks amazing and doesn’t have issues with reflections. For a matte finish, Photo Peel has an impressive color gamut and Dmax which was important for these images. 

Scott Martin Photography 2019

Q: Which printer did you use? Which printing software?

A: I printed these directly from the camera RAW files through Adobe Lightroom to a 44” wide Epson SureColor P9000.

Scott Martin Photography 2019

Q: What’s the story behind these photos? How did you capture them? Where were they taken?

A: The curator chose these images from my “Hand” series [] which questions the nature of human attention and its interaction with the environment. Why do we build what we build and what does it say about us when we’re gone? These images are long exposures made at night in various deserts with light painted by handheld flashlights.

Scott Martin Photography 2019

Q: Can you talk a little bit about how you prepared the images for print?

A: I am one of those people who never prints the same image the same way twice. Every time I print, I look at an image with an evolving eye, and re-tweak the development making test prints along the way. These prints were large so I added a tight film grain to them that I think makes them sing at this size. I made small and actual size test strips that I put on the wall before committing.

Scott Martin Photography 2019

Q: What is your impression of working with Photo Peel after producing these prints? Any issues, struggles? How was the final result?

A: It was affordable and easy to handle the 44”x64″ prints by myself. Installing prints at this size is challenging at first but I think I have the technique down now. Everyone has been wowed by the prints and asking me for information about them.

Q: Are these prints meant for long-term display?

A: Although I have done some for long term display, these are only for a 3-month exhibit and will be destroyed afterward. These are essentially demonstration prints that complement a limited edition on paper.

Scott Martin Photography 2019

Here are some final thoughts from Scott after producing these prints for the exhibition:

The printing and framing costs of an exhibition can be overwhelming. For years I’ve been trying to get the frame to disappear so that the image can stand by itself. Photo Peel feels like an exciting new option that does just that, affordably and with a contemporary look.

If you have any other questions about Scott’s project, or about Breathing Color’s Photo Peel printable vinyl, feel free to comment below.

If you have a need for color management or print workflow services, be sure to check out Scott Martin’s website To see more of Scott’s work, visit

Scott Martin Photography 2019

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