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HP Designjet Z3100 Reviews and More


HP Designjet Z3100 – The best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more.

Looking to read up and do some research on the HP Designjet Z3100 printer? To find the best HP Designjet Z3100 reviews?

Don’t waste your time googling. We have you covered.

We have rounded up and curated the best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more on the net.

HP Designjet Z3100 Reviews

HP Designjet Z3100 Review – Luminous Landscape
Mark Goldstein reviews the 12-ink Z3100 printer and calls it “absolutely brilliant.”

HP’s Designjet Z3100; A Large Format Pigment Ink Printer
In 2007, Jon Canfield said, “Although I have Epson and Canon printers available as well, this has become my primary printer now, especially for work on photo papers where the gloss enhancer sets the Z3100 apart.”

Best Youtube Videos on the net featuring the HP Designjet Z3100

HP Z3100 Printer Installation
Reischman at Luminous Landscape sets up and installs the new HP Z3100 printer.

The Imaging Resource at Photokina 2006: HP Z3100
Shawn interviews Matias Guerra of HP Spain, who talks about some of the new features in HP’s latest printer, the DesignJet 3100.

HP Z3100 24 Inch Printer Rubber Drive Belt Replacement Kit Installation
A very detailed description of how to replace the HP Z3100 24 Inch Printer Rubber Drive Belt.

The best forum discussions on the web about the HP Designjet Z3100

Z3100….I’m losing my mind. Please help.
This discussion focussed on problems that seem to center around color management. There is an extensive list of links addressing that topic.

Profiling the HP DesignJet Z3100
A good technical discussion regarding the challenges of creating printer profiles with Photoshop CS5.

Wide format newbie – Z3100 questions
Typical newbie questions and good answers, mostly about color management.

HZ3100 printing in strips
Excellent discussion on resolving printing problems related to portrait settings and rotating the image “to stop confusing the printer”.

Problem printing with new HP Z3100
Lengthy discussion on common printing problems – many solutions, from settings to profiles to color management to PC interfaces.

Dilema in Wide Printers (HP z3100 or Epson 9880)
Excellent points being made about the pros and cons of various printers and what should go into the decision-making process.

Breathing Color Chromata opions?
Great discussion on printing on canvas with the Z3100; BC Chromata is highly regarded in this discussion.

Z3100 and canvas – possible to load and use?
The challenges and some solutions to printing on canvas with the Z3100.

Printfix Pro / Spyder Suite with Z3100
Useful discussion on ICC profiles and the various ways to create them.


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