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Guest Posting Guidelines

Interested in guest posting for the Art of Printmaking Blog? We would love to have you add your expertise and voice.

We have put together the following page to offer some guidelines on the guest posting process.

General Guidelines

This blog is dedicated to the art of printmaking. We exist to help educate printmakers improve their craft/business and further the discussion about printmaking techniques.

Yes we are a media manufacture and certainly have a biased interest in the genre. Yet we strive to make the blog less about flogging our products and more about an honest unbiased discussion about the art of printmaking and the techniques out there to get better at it.

We are dedicated to keeping this blog on topic and full of quality posts. Therefore we might not be able to publish any and all that get submitted. We might have too many on the subject, more than we can handle, or we don’t feel that the post is the right fit for our audience.

Who this Blog is for

  • artists, photographers, print studios, photo labs, etc domestic and international. They range from beginner printmakers to experts.
  • Those that do not yet print but are thinking about getting into the busines

  • To the extent that you cater your message to this group the more successful your post will be.

    What this Blog DOES NOT DO

  • Is simply attempt to shill company products. It offers honest and truthful advice on both our current product lines, as well as those of friends. Shameless promotion is not to be tolerated period.
  • Berate, degrade, or otherwise trash our competitors.
  • Offer information that is overly biased, one-sided or unfair
  • Provide lengthy articles, stories, and opinions as an article itself or within any articles. While these might be entertaining, we prefer to provide content that is concise and straight to the point.

  • Format

    Feel free to send us your post however you like — word doc, google doc, text doc, pdf, etc. We ask only that text be in a format that we can copy and paste. We will take care of the formatting from there. If you want to include links just paste them where you want them to go and we will do the rest.


    We love images and they are a must for posts. The better the images translates into more eyeballs so pick some good ones! We recommend two at the very least although if your post is longer use as many as you feel it takes to further your argument.

    Image Requirements

  • You images must be at least 596px wide to properly fit our format
  • Please ensure that the images are not copywright protected and are legally able to be reused
  • If you want image credit to be a part of the caption please include that information with your images

  • Editing

    All posts that get published are usually edited. We have a specific format setup for the blog that we use and it might take some minor tweaking to get your post into that format. Specifically, spelling and grammatical errors, bolding of titles and headlines, breakup of paragraphs, breakup of points into lists, etc. None of which should greatly alter the context or message of your post — its just about getting the format correct and presenting it clearly. Most barely get edited at all.

    Occasionally we will send your article back with some bigger pointers and directions that we think you should head in. While this can be frustrating its not about the quality of your post or your ideas. We pay very close attention to our analytics and reader feedback and know what our readers like. We want to make your post the best that it can be as it will benefit you and our readers. It also keeps the post squarely within the blogs parameters.

    Credit and Links

    You have gone out of your way to share your knowledge on the art of printmaking and we want to promote you for the effort. In addition to every post being featured on our blog, going out to our email list, and being broadcast on all our social media channels we are thrilled to have you link back to your site, biz, or whatever you like. We do this through the author box that appears at the bottom of each post. The author box should contain a few brief sentences about you and then also include any links you would like to provide.

    In addition to the links above we will often promote you with other messages we broadcast to introduce you to our readers and fans.


    Ready to submit or have any questions or comments? Use the contact form below. If you are submitting an article you can simply paste it into the contact form below.

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