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Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Reviews and More


Epson Stylus Photo R2000 – The best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more.

Looking to read up and do some research on the Epson R2000 printer? To find the best Epson R2000 reviews?

Don’t waste your time googling. We have you covered.

We have rounded up and curated the best printer reviews, youtube videos, forum discussions and more on the net.

Epson R2000 Reviews

EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R2000 REVIEW – Photography Blog
Jon Canfield tells us what’s new and improved when the R2000 replaced the R1900.

Ted Needleman likes the entry level to the prosumer class, the R2000, but says you will have to tweak the image file to get a great print.

EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R2000 REVIEW – Northlight Images
Keith Cooper at Northlight Images does his usual superior job of reviewing the SP R2000.

EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R2000 REVIEW – Imaging Resource
Mike Pasini, editor of The Imaging Resource Digital Photography Newsletter writes an excellent detailed review of the SP R2000.

David B. Brooks at Shutterbug likes the continuous improvement in the Stylus Photo line that culminates with the SP R2000, rating it a “best buy”.

Best Youtube Videos on the net featuring the Epson R2000

Review of Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Color Inkjet Printer
CraftTestDummies provides a tour of this wide-format color inkjet printer and shows how it prints firsthand. You’ll see samples, the printer in action, & an overview of use. 

Epson Stylus R2000 Unboxing
A 6 minute video showing how to unbox and set up the R2000, including how to insert the DVD tray.

Basic Epson R2000 Maintenance
If you have an Epson R2000 and are experiencing ink smudges on your prints, you might want to watch this.

Epson R2000 Photo Printer Review & More Photo Assignment Prizes!
Gregory Cazillo says the Epson R2000 is a great printer for both beginner and advanced photographers wanting to create final prints. Its got a good mix of features, economy and quality. Skip to the 6-minute mark to see only the R2000 review.

Calibrating your monitor and Printing to the R2000
This will take you through the basic steps you need to follow to calibrate your monitor with a colormunki and proceed to print to your R2000 or R3000 using Epson ICC profiles. Highly recommended if you plan to use a colormunki calibration instrument.

Epson R2000 Printing With Photoshop CS6 And Color Management
Surprisingly enough it can be quite frustrating when you try to print imagery with more contrast on the Epson R2000 printer. Here’s how to do it with Photoshop CS6 and color management. 

Epson R1900 R2000 ink level reset – reset all 8 channels at the same time with a decoder
Each time your R2000 chip is reset, the printer automatically run a head clean. Resetting all cartridges at the same time saves a lot of ink.

The best forum discussions on the web about the R2000

R2000 vs R3000? Please help 
Which would you choose, R2000 or R3000 when the intention is to use compatible ink?

Help – which Epson 13″ printer? What are the ink differences?
If you want to know about the differences in ink for the R1400, R1800, R2000, R2880 and the R3000, here’s the place to look.

Comments on Epson R2000 vs. Epson R2880 Printers
Good comparisons between the R2000 and the R2880 from the perspective of satisfaction with colors on various papers.

New Epson R2000 & R3000 printers!
Good discussion on the differences and similarities of the R2000 and R3000 printers.

Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000
This discussion thoroughly explores the non-OEM gloss optimizer used on R1900 and R2000 printers.

MacBook Pro w/ Lion and Epson Stylus Photo R2000
Look here for an excellent solution to finding the latest drivers for the R2000 (or perhaps, for any printer).

Very Dark Prints from Epson R2000 and Photoshop.
The usual challenges of using Photoshop to manage the printing process on the R2000, with a link to something useful.

Epson R-2000 Printer FYI
Interesting discussion on adjusting the monitor to match the printed image instead of vice versa as part of color management on the R2000.


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