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Canon Pixma Pro 10 Reviews and More


Canon Pixma Pro 10 – The best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions, and more.

Looking to read up and do some research on the Canon Pixma 10 printer? To find the best Canon Pixma 10 reviews?

Don’t waste your time Googling. We have you covered.

We have rounded up and curated the best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions, and more on the net.

Canon Pixma 10 Reviews

Canon Pixma 10 Review – Digital Trends
Ted Needleman at Digital Trends reviews the Canon Pixma Pro 10 printer using simple easy-to-understand terminology.

Canon Pixma 10 Review – Northlight Images
Keith Cooper at Northlight Images provides a highly detailed technical review of the Canon Pixma Pro 10 printer.

Canon Pixma 10 Review – Photo Review
The folks at Photo Review in Australia make a compelling case for the Canon Pixma Pro 10 instead of the Pixma Pro 1.

Canon Pixma 10 Review – DP Review
An in-depth review of the Canon Pixma Pro 10 printer, covering several URL pages.

Canon Pixma 10 Review – RonMart Blog
Ron Martinsen compares the Canon Pixma Pro 10 to the Pixma Pro 1 and the Epson R3000 and comes up with some interesting conclusions.

Best Youtube Videos on the net featuring the Canon Pixma 10

Jared Polin prints on the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and compares to prints from professional studios. Highly recommended.


Canon Pixma Pro-10 / First Print

Nigel Greaves does his first print on the Canon Pixma Pro 10.

1 Canon Pixma Pro Choosing A Printer
Video explains the difference in the inks used in the Pixma Pro-1, Pro-10 and Pro-100.


The best forum discussions on the web about the Canon Pixma 10

New Canon Pixma Pro 10, Brief Early Use Review
First reviews and comments for the Pixma Pro-10.

First Pro Printer Purchase: Epson R3000 Or Canon Pixma Pro 10?
A good discussion on the merits of the Pixma Pro-10 and the Epson R3000.

Canon Pixma Pro 10 Question
Questions regarding ink usage are answered here.

Has Anyone Overcome Print Margin Issue On Canon Pixma Pro-1 And Pro-10?
Good discussion on fine art papers and printer margins.

Beginner Printing With Pixma Pro-10
This thread explores nozzle checks and test patterns in depth, including links to videos on YouTube.

I Am Going To Buy Either The Pixma Pro 10 Or Pixma Pro 100…Help
This discussion focuses on the differences between dye (Pro-100) and pigment (Pro-10) ink.


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