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Digital C-prints Vs. Inkjet Prints – Pros, Cons, & Myths

AskBC Podcast, Print Making

In this episode of our printmaking podcast, we tackle the big format debate: C-Prints vs. Inkjet Prints – pros and cons to each, plus some crucial myths and false claims to be aware of.

UPDATE: After listening to this episode, get more information on the differences between Digital C-Prints and Inkjet Prints with Renee Besta’s newly published in-depth written article on the subject.

When it comes to the differences between chromogenic prints (digital c-prints) and fine art inkjet prints, it can be tough to find honest answers amidst all the noise. There’s passionate defenders on either side, outdated information, and even false claims.

To set the record straight, we invited photographer and printmaker Renée Besta to the show to carefully lay out the pros and cons of these very different printing processes from A to Z.

We hit all the categories that you’ll want to consider when making a choice between chromogenic and inkjet prints – price, production speed, customer support quality, image size, accepted file formats, paper selection, longevity, gallery-acceptance, and even environmental concerns.

With this episode, equip yourself with knowledge of both printing processes so that you can feel confident in making the right decision for your work.

  • Misinformation, myths, and false claims
  • How to tell if a prints on demand website offers c-prints or inkjet
  • Defining “chromogenic/c-prints” and “inkjet/pigment” prints
  • C-Prints vs. Inkjet Prints – There’s pros and cons to each
  • Price, production speed, customer support, image size, accepted file formats, paper selection, longevity, museum/gallery-acceptance, environmental concerns
  • How longevity is calculated
  • What percent faded do colors need to be on a print before the average person can tell? What about the average artist/photographer?
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about Digital C-prints vs. Inkjet Prints

 Show Notes

  • This episode didn’t feature any listener questions, but we’re still accepting them! 
  • For a more in-depth conversation on the differences between sRGB and the larger color spaces such as ProPhoto RGB, listen to Episode 23.
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