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Epson 2200 Tip: Borderless Printing on Mac


Learn how to achieve borderless printing on your Mac with these tips.

Looking to do some borderless printing on the Epson 2200?

The “good-bad” news is there’s nothing you’re doing wrong, the “bad-bad” news is that borderless printing isn’t available on OS X with this printer. Check out this screenshot from the Epson 2200 support page.

From what I gather, this is a common hardware to software limitation that many people have expressed their concerns about. The short answer is that Epson never updated this printer for the newest Mac OS X versions.

Alternative Fixes for Borderless Printing on Mac

All hope is not lost, however, as I’ve found a few possible fixes you may try.

1. Using the “Gutenprint” Mac Universal Driver

In place of the Epson print drivers, Mac users can use the Gutenprint universal series of drivers. These are available as free downloads from a third-party company to address situations like this.

Please note: Breathing Color does not support or manage anything related to Gutenprint, this is just something I’ve used before to bypass Epson’s print drivers. I suggest reading up on this option and then downloading the appropriate version here.

2. Checking your Inks

From the forums I’ve read, borderless printing on mac seems to work when the photo black is installed, but not matte black. If you have photo black installed and use a photo paper media type, you can check to see if borderless is available. This is a fix from the MacRumors forums, so I’m not sure if it’s accurate. Worth checking out this forum post.

3. Setting Your Own Paper Types

Again, from the forums, some Mac users have found they can bypass the borderless printing limits by setting their own custom paper sizes with 0″ margins. This is done once you’re in the “Print Settings” > “Paper Size” > “Manage Custom Sizes…” menu box in Photoshop. The screenshot below is from Photoshop CS6.

I hope at least one of these alternative options will help you achieve borderless printing on your Mac. Please note that these options may still not work as some people have mixed reviews on trying this with certain sizes. I recommend testing any one of these methods on a test print first.


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