Timeless Varnish

Premium canvas varnish. Archival certified.

  • * Certified 100+ year archival by the Fine Art Trade Guild
  • * Formulated to work perfectly with Breathing Color products
  • * Available in High Gloss, Satin, and True Matte finishes
  • * No diluting required. Ready to use right out of the container
  • * Apply with roller (use our Timeless Roller) or HVLP spay gun (see how)
  • * UV protection build right in, so your prints will last longer
  • * Manufacturer direct supply for the lowest pricing and the highest quality


Released in March 2010, Timeless is a proprietary water-based, non-yellowing print varnish that has been developed to protect, preserve and enhance fine art and photographic prints produced on digital inkjet printers. Timeless was developed to be a significant upgrade to the available print varnishes on the market today.


  • EASE OF USE - There is no mixing required; the product is ready to use exactly as you receive it. It is very easy to hand-roll and spray using HVLP. You can also clean up quickly and easily by simply using warm water.
  • EXTREMELY FAST DRYING - This product dries extremely fast, making it one of the most admired features of early users.
  • STRONG UV PROTECTION - Timeless is manufactured with high levels of UV inhibitors.
  • CLEAR FINISH - Once dry, the finish is crystal clear.
  • ANTI-FUNGALS - An important addition, especially for high humidity environments
  • INCREDIBLE HIGH GLOSS - Our gloss is extremely high and has already convinced glossy canvas users, who typically require an extremely high gloss, to switch to our Lyve Canvas and Timeless as their new and superior solution.
  • FINALLY, A TRUE MATTE - Imagine, an invisible finish for your canvas prints. The industry has been waiting too long for this. It was very expensive to make, but we did it. Try this on a Fine Art Paper and display your prints without glass!
  • COLOR ENHANCEMENT - Timeless will enhance the color of pigmented and ultrachrome inks.
  • SCUFF & FADE RESISTANCE - Increased resistance to scuffing and image fading. It will protect your expensive images against moisture and abrasion.
  • CLEAN UP - Timeless is very easy to clean up: just use warm water! No soap or chemicals required, just run your foam rollers through warm water until clean. For HVLP spray guns, simply run warm water through the gun until the spray is clear and you're done. For both the foam rollers and HVLP spray gun, cleaning soon after you've finished coating will make the cleaning process quick and easy.


We are recommending that all of our existing and new customers use Timeless due to all the additional benefits described above. We will continue to offer Glamour 2 to all customers and have no plans to discontinue this successful product. Due to the release of Timeless, we are only recommending Glamour 2 to specific customers with unique production environments and who appreciate that this laminate is supplied in a concentrate form with the requirement that water is added and mixed. If you have any further questions about this please contact us.

For enhanced productivity and ease of use, we recommend using the Timeless varnish with our all new Timeless Roller Kit .



We sat down with Breathing Color President Nick Friend and Vice President Adam Hill to answer this complex question.


 MSDS for Timeless varnish Application Instructions for Timeless varnish


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Timeless - Gallon, Gloss $8995 $7466 $6593
Timeless - Pint, Satin $1995 - -
Timeless - Quart, Satin $2999 - -
Timeless - Gallon, Satin $8995 $7466 $6593
Timeless - Pint, Matte $2695 - -
Timeless - Quart, Matte $3499 - -
Timeless - Gallon, Matte $10795 $8960 $7913
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