Stretcher Bar Sticks

Save money and increase quality with our stretcher bar length moulding

  • * We will match or beat your current landed cost
  • * Bulk quantity discounts available
  • * FSC-certified wood, made from sustainable forests
  • * Great for high volume canvas production
  • * Many different profiles available
  • * 9.5' to 12' lengths available, depending on profile

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Our stretcher bar length moulding is between 9.5' and 12' long and provide a great way to cut your costs and increase your profit on the most expensive step in the canvas printing process: stretching. Stretcher sticks allow you to reduce your costs by 40% or more over pre-notched stretcher bars. If you're looking for a cheap stretcher bar length molding, but still want great quality, you're in the right place.

Our stretcher bar moulding is made from high-quality pine, ideal for stretching canvas and will not warp or shrink over time. Alongside quality, our primary concern is respect for the environment. For this reason, we only use wood sourced from sustainable forests which are all FSC certified.


Using these sticks will require access to equipment that can cut the bars down to your required length, and also an underpinner to join the corners together to make the frame. This approach literally puts the manufacturing process in your hands and allows you to customize any frame to any size you need. No need to worry about stocking 50 different sized pre-notched bars to meet your customers' demands.

BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE! For the best price, please call us before ordering.


Type of wood: High quality, finger jointed pine sourced from responsible, sustainable forests.

Profile Depths: Ranging from .75" to 2".

Profile Lengths: Between 9.5' and 12', depending on the profile.

Inventory: We have hundreds of thousands of lineal feet of stretcher bar moulding on hand at any given time.

Stretcher Bar Length Moulding Pallet

Pallet of Stretcher Bar Moulding

  Retail Qty
Stretcher Bar Length Moulding - Metal bar, 9.5' long, 1 bar $228
Stretcher Bar Length Moulding - 1.25" Center Brace, 9.5' long, 1 bar $375
Stretcher Bar Length Moulding - 1.5" gallery bar, 9.5' long, 1 bar $750 Out
Stretcher Bar Length Moulding - 3/4" convertible, 9.5' long, 1 bar $542 Out
Stretcher Bar Length Moulding - 2" gallery bar, 9.5' long, 1 bar $998
Stretcher Bar Length Moulding - L Bar, 12' long, 1 bar $420
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